Why Taika Waititi Wants to Keep Akira’s Legacy Great?


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Looking back at the masterpiece, Akira gave us insights on how the Japanese government dropped an atomic bomb on Tokyo.

The story builds up with them conducting experiments on children. The nuking experiment continues but after it ends, a bike gang leader, Kaneda intervened in 2019.

 After 31 years of bombing, Kaneda is on the mission to save his friend, Tetsuo. 

During the battle against the corrupt politicians, scientists, military, and anti-government activists to avenge the torture on Tetsuo during the secret government project.

The irresponsibility of the scientists during the experiment result in Tetsuo developing supernatural powers that help both of them trying to expose the governments dirty work.

Akira, the sensational anime from 1988 is to release in live action format. Taika Waititi has taken on the role to depict the story to utter perfection.

Nevertheless, the real question is whether he will live up to our expectations. Akira has a huge  reputation. The fans of the series believe that the story’s portrayal is perfect. 

Thus, they do not think something perfect and timeless needs meddling. 

The original movies’ execution is absolute perfection with brilliant character development. Anime lovers still lovers still love and enjoy watching the animation even after more than three decades. 

However, one side of making it a live-action with a Waititi twist might revamp Katsuhiro Otomo style! Even though there is no room for error but we are excited about what he has to offer.

He is known to bring new themes to the table like a metaphorical reference to Tetsuo’s telekinetic powers and its misuse. It gives us the chance to look at Akira from a completely new perspective. 

His projects as Jojo Rabbit has depicted anti-hate satire and Thor: Ragnarok is an in-depth analysis of colonialism. 

Taika Waititi is considered one of the best directors with his popular take on recreating Akira. He gives everyone something to look back and reflect.

That said, it brings to our attention exquisite Akira Kaneda jacket! It comes like a blessing in disguise, as the jacket comes in a range of sizes.

Akira wearing his iconic Red Jacket

Not only did Akira look fantastic in his bold faux leather jacket but also it made him look strong and brawny! 

Waititi might have an Oscar within his grip with the sensational CGI effects, costumes, and amazing storyline. It will remake history and reshape cultural history! 

We know Akira is among the best anime works ever produced; however, it will bring a significant change while condensing the comics to a live-action movie. 

It has been more than three decades but the Akira style still feels fresh and up to the latest trends. The sharp silhouette is flashback of the late 80’s greatest trends! 

Moreover, if Taika could cast stars like Scarlett Johansson or newbies like Thomasin McKenzie and make the movie big, he has magic up his sleeve.

However, we believe that Taika should hire culturally accurate actors to portray culturally accurate characters of the series. This way the movie has global reach and ticks all checkboxes for every fan.

We are excited to see how he shows some of the most ultra-violent carnage scenes in the movie.


What if the remake is a toned-down version?

Fans are speculating Warner Bros will give a toned-down version that we so are not prepared for.

I hope that we see the same level of gruesome action-packed scenes in Akira for a monumental live-action movie. We know how there is a greater creative control on animation in comparison to live-action.

Moreover, we are still skeptical about how Neo-Tokyo’s brutality will pan out in the movie because one might presume a serious backlash in recreating it.

If Taika Waititi portrayal of cultural icon, Akira dissatisfies fans then he might as well be brewing something not acceptable.

It is quintessential moment for his career that has the whole anime world questioning whether he has what it takes to recreate perfection again. No choice deepening the color palette or changing the city with newfound animation skills.

We can not wait to watch it because Taika is not giving up on bring the live-action adaptation on big screens!

His unique perspective always brings a fresh take on the same plotlines with a twist. He had planned it back in 2002 for the live-action; however, he has eventually gathered support to make it come to reality!

Sit tight because we are in for a rollercoaster ride!

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