Tragedy Strikes As ‘Go Nagai Wonderland Museum’ Gets Burned Down Following Earthquake

Go Nagai Memorial Museum burned down

In a devastating turn of events, it has been reported on Jan 2, 2023, that the renowned “Go Nagai Wonderland Museum” in Kawaimachi, Wajima City, has fallen victim to a massive fire that erupted following a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Ishikawa Prefecture on Jan 1.

Go Nagai Memorial Museum burned down
Image source: Asahi Shimbun

The extent of the destruction to the interior of the museum, which housed priceless original manga art and other valuable materials belonging to Go Nagai, is currently unknown.

Established in 2009, the “Go Nagai Wonderland Museum” was a dedicated space created by Wajima City to honor and showcase the works of the renowned manga artist Go Nagai, a native of the city. The museum played a crucial role as a prominent tourist spot, and featured pieces from his manga series such as Mazinger Z, Cutey Honey, Devilman, and Getter Robo.

Go Nagai Memorial Museum

Go Nagai’s studio, Dynamic Production, had also issued a statement on Jan 2, 2023, expressing concern for the safety of Wajima City residents. The studio asserted that the wellbeing of the community takes precedence, refraining from direct contact with local officials until further details are confirmed.

The company also revealed that Go Nagai himself, who is currently residing in Tokyo, is deeply saddened and troubled by the unfolding crisis in his hometown.

According to NHK reports, the death toll in Ishikawa Prefecture has reached 62, including 29 in Wajima as of 8:00 a.m. on Jan 3.

In Wajima City, Suzu City, and Noto Town, a significant number of houses have collapsed. The complete scale of the situation has not been fully evaluated, and local governments are actively working to understand the extent of the damage.

Source: Hokkoku Shimbun, Twitter, NHK

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