Survey: Top 25 Manga That Japanese Fans Want To See Animated!

Top 25 Manga fans want to see animated according to new survey

In a recent survey conducted by Anime! Anime!, Japanese fans cast their votes for the manga titles they are most eager to see adapted into anime.

The survey targeted works that have not yet been animated or whose animation has not been decided. It was divided into two categories: ongoing unfinished works and already concluded works.

Checkout the top 25 manga that Japanese fans want to see animated below:

Top 25 Manga fans want to see animated according to new survey

25. Last Karte – Houjuuigakusha Touma Kenshou No Kioku by Asayama Wakabi
24. Yomi no Tsugai by Hiromu Arakawa
23. Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi by Aya Hirakawa
22. Fuji no Yamai wa Fushi no Yamai by Hechii
21. Honey Lemon Soda by Mayu Murata
20. Dead Account by Watanabe Shizumu
19. Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu mama by Kiuchi Ramune
18. You and I Are Polar Opposites by Kocha Agasawa
17. Joshiryoku Takame na Shishihara-kun by Mii Aimai
16. Diamond in the Rough by Nao Sasaki
15. MAO by Rumiko Takahashi
14. Dareka Yume Dato Ittekure by Michelle
13. Kaijuu Jieitai by Junya Inoue
12. Cipher Academy by Nisio Isin and Yuji Iwasaki
11. Akane-banashi by Yuki Suenaga and Takamasa Moue
10. Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoshi by sora
9. Yuugai Choujuu by Nykken
8. Makai no Shuyaku wa Wareware da! by Atsushi Tsudanuma
7. Togen Anki by Yura Urushibara
6. The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity by Saka Mikami
5. Witch Watch by Kenta Shinohara
4. Otome Game No Mobu Desura Naindaga by Gyokuro and Himeno Meno
3. Sakamoto Days by Yuto Suzuki
2. Kindergarten Wars by You Chiba
1. Tokyo Aliens by Naoe

The survey, conducted from Nov 28, 2023, to Dec 5, 2023, garnered responses from 432 participants. The gender ratio was approximately 25 percent male, 70 percent female, and about 5 percent did not specify, with a majority of female respondents. In terms of age demographics, the survey leaned towards a younger audience, with around 50% of respondents falling into the 19 years old or younger category. Whereas, those in their 20s were around 15%.

Source: Anime! Anime!

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