Somali And The Forest Spirit Mangaka Confirms The Manga’s Continuation

Somali And The Forest Spirit

The creator of Somali And The Forest Spirit manga Yako Gureishi had an exciting announcement in store for all the fans, as they took to Twitter to reveal plans to create a sequel for the manga.

Somali And The Forest Spirit Manga Volume 6

The creator’s assurance comes in the wake of the overwhelming response that their crowdfunding received, leaving the mangaka quite surprised. They also outlined their intention to handle the raised funds with utmost care.

Coming to the possible sequel of Somali And The Forest Spirit, the mangaka revealed that it will only commence after the completion of the ongoing series, which is titled “Isekai Kakuriyo: Ayakashi Kuukitan“.

Acknowledging that this next phase is still some distance away, the mangaka has taken a proactive approach to store the raised funds from the successful crowdfunding campaign in a dedicated account, ensuring their availability when the time comes for the sequel’s development.

I’m surprised by the unexpected positive response to the crowdfunding, and I’m feeling a bit bewildered. I plan to use the funds carefully. I have decided to definitely write a sequel to ‘Somali,’ but that will be after I complete the current work, “Isekai Kakuriyo: Ayakashi Kuukita“. Since that’s still a long way off, of course, I’ll store the funds in a separate account and try not to use them as much as possible until that time comes.

Yako Gureishi started the crowdfunding with the hopes to move to a better apartment near their editorial office, and to rent their own office. The mangaka had difficulties in paying utilities, buying proper meals and taking care of medical expenses, and wasn’t able to save enough money to fund a move on their own.

Somali and the Forest Spirit was serialized online from April 2015 to October 2019 via Tokuma Shoten’s online manga magazine Web Comic Zenon. It was collected in six tankōbon volumes. The manga officially ended on Dec 22, 2020 after a long hiatus.

The author’s poor health was cited as a reason for the manga ending at that time.

An anime television series adaptation by Satelight and Hornets ran from Jan 9 to March 26, 2020. Crunchyroll co-produced the series.

Source: Twitter

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