ShuCream BL Starts Worldwide Expansion To Counter Manga Piracy

BL comic labels like “from RED”, “moment” and “Ameiro” will be receiving online releases as a part of this.

ShuCream BL manga

ShuCream BL, a manga production company that specializes in BL titles, has started releasing translated versions of their works outside Japan in order to counter piracy.

“As a countermeasure against piracy, we believe it is vital to strengthen monitoring based on cooperation with publishers in each country and to sell legitimate translated versions as soon as possible,” ShuCream wrote in their press release.

BL comic labels “from RED”, “moment” and “Ameiro” will be receiving online releases as a part of this overseas expansion.

Selected titles of ShuCream were released on BookWalker Global on Feb 21, 2022. They will also be released on MangaPlaza on March 2. Other services like MANGA PLUS too will pick up these titles soon.

The following titles will be made available on these platforms as part of the initial release;

  • Ask and You Will Receive by Niyama
  • Hatsujo Playroom by Shiramatsu
  • Wails of the Bound by Keri Kusabi
  • Wails of the Bound ;β1 by Keri Kusabi
  • Under My Skin by Iroha usui

ShuCream also started rolling out content in English language on their social media accounts from Feb 21, 2022. They also launched a English language website on the same day.

Additionally, the company said that they would actively employ their social networks to collect information from their overseas fans in a bid to curb piracy of their titles. While selecting overseas licencees, they emphasized on organisations who shared their views on piracy.

“Since our founding, our theme has always been “Manga beyond gender”. For more than 30 years, we have been producing manga for the female public in a variety of genres, with the motto of bringing out works that are not bound by the old views of gender. BL is one of the fruits of “Manga beyond gender”, and we would like to deliver the fruits of our work to readers not only in Japan but also around the world,” ShuCream’s press release read.

ShuCream also revealed that a Korean version and Taiwanese version of their works were actively being developed. They are also preparing to launch their titles in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese, etc, and are in talks with publishers from these countries.

Source: Comic Natalie, ANN

  • Those guys get stupider and stupider when it comes to piracy. When will they realize they’ll never stop piracy altogether. It is a battle they’ll never win.

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