Shonen Jump+ iOS App Data Breach: User Information Accidentally Leaked by Staff

Shonen Jump Plus

A recent security breach in the Shonen Jump+ iOS app has caused concern among its user base after it was revealed that certain customer accounts experienced unauthorized logins, leading to the accidental leakage of email addresses and other personal information, as revealed on their press release on July 18, 2023.

Shonen Jump Plus

The incident occurred on July 7, 2023, between 14:43 and 18:00, and it affected a total of 42 customer accounts. The compromised data included not only email addresses but also personal profile information such as nicknames, gender, date of birth, and icons, as well as data related to coin balances and purchase histories.

However, the app’s developers reassured users that there have been no reports of unauthorized charges or misuse of paid coins.

The “Shonen Jump+” management team promptly initiated an investigation to determine the cause behind the incident. They traced the breach back to an unfortunate mistake made by one of their staff members during regular operations, unintentionally allowing unauthorized access to specific user accounts.

Following this the management team to issue a formal apology to all affected users, expressing deep regret over the incident and acknowledging the inconvenience caused.

They also promised to implement strict protocols to prevent such a situation from happening in the future, along with raising awareness amongst staff members regarding information security to ensure the privacy and safety of their users’ data.

For any questions or concerns regarding the incident, users are urged to directly contact the “Shonen Jump+” Management Office.

Source: Shonen Jump+ Press Release

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