Sakura Haruno’s Voice Actress Takes Time Off From Voice Acting

The voiced actress is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

Chie Nakamura

Chie Nakamura, known for voicing Sakura in Naruto, has announced a temporary suspension from voice acting industry due to health issues.

Chie Nakamura 1

Axlone, the voice acting agency that Nakamura is currently affiliated with, released a statement on Nov 28, 2022, regarding her health condition, announcing the reason as to why Nakamura will be going on a hiatus.

According to the statement, Nakamura is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and has been receiving treatment for the same from the last month.

Chie Nakamura Statement

Chie Nakamura has been suffering from a health problem. She has been undergoing diagnosis and treatment at a hospital since last month due to her poor health.

As a result, she was diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis.

As a result of this, she will be taking some time off her career to receive the treatment for a speedy recovery. The agency also apologized for the inconvenience and for worrying the loyal fans. They also went on to add that Nakamura’s health and recovery will be their top priority.

She is now on the recovery track, but she will be out of action for a certain period of time due to the need for continued medical treatment.

We sincerely apologize for the worry and inconvenience this may cause to our loyal fans and all those involved.

We will make it our top priority to recover from the illness.

Chie Nakamura is a Japanese voice actress. Nakamura has also voiced characters in Tokyo Ghoul, Dororo, and other anime along with Naruto.

Source: Twitter

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