Top 20 One Piece Live Action Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

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When the One Piece Live Action (aka OPLA ) was first announced, all the fans of the original manga and anime were distraught. “Oh No!! Not another good series ruined by a poor live action adaptation” was really the thought going on in everyone’s minds.

But slowly but surely this disaster starting turning into hope. With more and more news and leaks everyday saying that the budget was as high as a Marvel movie and the Eiichiro “GOD-a” Oda himself would be overseeing the live action, us fans slowly started looking forward to the first really successful Live Action.

And as usual Oda did not disappoint. If you watch the series carefully, you will notice many little teasers and easter eggs in One Piece live action all over the place, for the long time fans to enjoy and look forward to.

In this article we will be listing out the One Piece live action easter eggs we noticed, and if we missed out on any please feel free to comment below!

One Piece Live Action Easter Eggs – Bounty Posters

Bounty Posters are something that everyone looks forward to (except for Nami , Usopp and Chopper) including Luffy, and us, the Viewers. As such seeing that grand reveal of bounties in the OPLA was very exciting. You know what was more exciting?? The bounty posters of many characters being hidden in plain sight throughout the series. Here are some we found :

  • Bellamy’s Bounty poster was listed at 55 million berries
  • Foxy’s Bounty poster was listed at 24 million berries.
  • Buggy’s bounty poster was initially shown before his introduction, but his bounty amount was covered.
  • Apart from these, the posters of Django and Cavendish were also present. (Django’s bounty poster being present means he exists in the OPLA universe. Why he was not brought in the Syrup Village Arc I do not know…)
(From left to right) Bellamy , Foxy , Jango , Buggy and Cavendish (Bottom right)

Episode 1

Episode 1 probably has the most One Piece live action easter eggs. Let’s take a look at all of them over here.

  • Starting from the beginning, during Roger’s execution, if you noticed, there was a person wearing a green cape watching the execution. From what we learnt in the later episodes we now know that person is Monkey D Dragon, Garp’s son and Luffy’s father. (For those who are live action only – he will make an appearance in Season 2).
  • Similarly in the scenes after, we get to see a young Shanks and Mihawk both present during the execution. This is also something we find out much later in the original source material. Also speaking of Mihawk, at the very beginning after the Netflix “Tu-Dun”, when the camera moves onto the execution stand from the sea, we notice a very small boat, with enough space for one person , and a massive sail. That boat belongs to Mihawk, who roams around the Grand Line like a gigachad on that boat.
Young Mihawk, his ship and Young Shanks
  • Later in the episode, during his introduction , Zoro has a brief fight against Mr. 7 killing him in the process. This is actually a nice addition to live action, as it was mentioned in a later chapter, that Zoro had a “scuffle” with the previous Mr. 7 off screen, but we got to see what happened in this adaptation of the events.
Zoro slicing Mr.7
  • Speaking of Baroque Works, it is an organisation that will play an important role later on the story, most likely during the events of Season 2. In the original source material they were not “foreshadowed” like this.
Mr.7 showing the Baroque Works logo
  • To finish off the events of episode 1, in Luffy’s flashback with the Red Hair Pirates, you can hear them singing “Bink’s Sake” which as very important song as the manga readers and anime watchers know.
    (Psst… for the OPLA watchers – “Some say that the Bink’s Sake contains all the clues to finding the One Piece”).
Bink’s Sake playing in the background while Shanks stiches Luffy’s cheek.
  • Getting to Shells Town , first off we see Nami experience the Gomu Gomu no Rocket for the first time (not exactly but might as well have been), giving us a lifetimes worth of gag scenes, ending with Luffy getting beaten by Nami. Another very minute detail some viewers might have noticed, would be that Captain Morgan had scars on his left arm, from Kuro’s attacks a few years ago
Left : Luffy and Nami falling with the safe.
Right : Captain Morgan’s arm having scars
  • Speaking of Nami, after tricking the Buggy pirates and taking their ship, she flips through her journal, revealing the sketches of Wano. (Now how she did this I don’t know, but its certainly a very nice thing to see the live action including things from the ongoing anime arc).
Sketches of Wano Country
  • Finally for the keen eyed viewers out there, some would have noticed this massive easter egg. In the credits as the map rolls out you can see that there is an emblem at the side that reads – ” Created for the Marines of the East Blue By the orders of Commander in Chief Kong” under which you can also see a small drawing of him baked into the frame of the drawing. Further more at the very start of the episode, we get to see Roger’s ship, Oro Jackson and some Sea Kings on the map.
Commander-in-Chief Kong and Oro Jackson

Episode 2

  • In the very beginning of the episode, Luffy asks Shanks if he is going after the One Piece, which Shanks confirms. (This is something that happened very recently in the manga. Till then, Shanks was just chilling around , partying and whatnot).
  • Buggy mentions that he and Shanks served in the same crew. Only later in the series do we learn that it was under the Pirate King himself.
  • While there was no Chou Chou part in Orange Town, towards the end of the episode, there is a white fluffy dog running around, probably put in place of Chou Chou.
  • Finally for those map readers, at the end of episode 2 , we see the Island of Rare Animals appearing on the map. This is where “mini” Buggy meets Gaimon and the two of them become friends.
Chou Chou like dog, Island of Rare Animals and Mayor of Orange Town

Episode 3

Once again, the Easter Eggs In One Piece Live Action are connected to more bounty posters which are revealed. This time at an odd angle –

  • We see Alvida’s bounty poster but the bounty itself is pretty hard to read.
  • We also get a glimpse of Don Krieg’s bounty poster. (For the OPLA only, Don Krieg was the purple haired man, Mihawk killed. He was originally the main antagonist of Baratie).
Luffy staring at Bounty Posters

Episode 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

The amount of One Piece Live Action Easter Eggs considerable go down post episode 3. We are clubbing them all in one section.

  • Koushiro (Kuina’s father) mentions that Wado Ichimonji is a rare blade. Later in the series we learn that it is one of the 21 Saijo O Wazamono (Great Grade) swords.
  • Garp says that he refused promotions because he would have to do things “their” way. The “They” in question are the Celestial Dragons. From the Admiral level onwards, you start receiving direct commands from the Celestial Dragons and the Five Elders. Garp’s hatred for them, makes him refuse the promotions every single time.
  • In episode 6, when an injured Zoro is resting on his bed, Nami reads a story to him. This book is in fact the “Liar Noland” storybook, that describes the story of Mont Blanc Noland, the man who “lied” till the very end.
  • Jimbe, the fishman warlord is mentioned for the first time. Later on (and I mean very very later on), Jimbe ends up joining the Straw Hats as a helmsman.
  • Finally after Luffy’s bounty poster is issued, Kaya reads it in the newspaper. In that short glimpse, we can see the logo of the Revolutionary Army, under which it says “The Country of Vira overtaken by Revolutionary Army”, which is an event that is mentioned in chapter 96. It was also mentioned in an SBS by Oda.
Left : Nami reading the story of Mont Blanc Noland to Zoro.
Right : Revolutionary Army takes over Vira.

Taking everything into account, while the live action wasn’t really perfect (click here to know why 😊) , it was pretty dang good, giving tons of easter eggs and foreshadowing for us long time fans, making us really look forward to what season 2 has in store for us.

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