Kindergarten Wars Creator Chiba Yuu Requests Fans To Refrain From Intense Behaviour

Chiba Yuu Kintergarden Wars

In a recent Twitter post, the creator of Kindergarten Wars manga, Chiba Yuu, opened up about the importance of healthy fan interaction while addressing concerns about overly intense behaviours from some fans.

Chiba Yuu Kintergarden Wars

She emphasized the need for responsible and respectful behaviour from fans, highlighting concerns about actions lacking online literacy, exhibiting excessive emotions, or showing possessiveness towards both Chiba and the staff on social media and fan letters.

Concerned about the safety of the workplace, particularly given the presence of many women and young staff members, Chiba requested fans to think about actions that could potentially make others uncomfortable or frightened. The author hinted that if such behaviours escalates, there might be considerations about discontinuing participation in events like Comitia in the future, underlining the importance of ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone involved.

Despite the cautionary note, Chiba expressed immense appreciation for various forms of fan engagement, including illustrations, fan art, cosplay, story feedback, character discussions, and fan creations. The author assured fans that sharing and discussing their enthusiasm for the works is encouraged and brings joy.

Chiba concluded the message by once again requesting fans to be mindful in their interactions with both the author and the staff, underscoring the importance of maintaining a positive and respectful community.

She acknowledged hesitating before sharing such concerns but deemed it necessary for the well-being of all involved.

Source: Twitter

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