Insomniacs After School Review: Gazing At The Night Skies

Have you ever read something that makes you feel lonely and insecure while being wholesome at the same time? Well, Insomniacs After School is something that takes a different approach to the notions of love, hope, and dreams. It’s a bit convoluted; I mean there are these two insomniac kids running under the night sky to take pictures. But hey, that sounds interesting, quirky, and romantic at the same time, right?. 

Here’s why: Because it is one of those stories that makes you feel just right. That said, why not take an in-depth spoiler-free look to infer whether it’s worth your time or not. 

The Plot Of Insomniacs After School:

Okay, this kind of pricks me a bit but hey it’s necessary to talk about the plot. After all, you need to know a thing or two about what you are getting yourself into. 

This is a story about two grumpy and easygoing yet miserable and rebellious teens who are suffering from insomnia. And how they seek comfort in the sleep of each other in an abandoned observatory. But here’s the catch, both of them are going through something that need not be said out loud. At the heart of it, Insomniacs After School is a tale about two nonchalant problematic kids who learn to unlearn with the help of each other. 

Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari – The Hopeful Romantics:

For the characters in the story to be endearing, one needs to give them as well as us the reason to care about them. And Insomniacs After School does that, very subtly. It gives us a reason i.e. to live and breathe their journey in the starry nights and cold rains. Think about it, the more you get to know someone, the more comfortable you feel around them.

nakami and magari insomniacs after school
This right here is one of the most adorable duos out there

It’s exactly the same here; I saw the duo unravel their vulnerabilities, passion, and love in those cozy blankets and under the moonlit sky. In other words, they are hopeless romantics. Come to think of it, hopeless romantics isn’t something that you get to hear every day. Believe it or not, that gives you one more reason to at least check out the wholesome yet so fulfilling manga.

Nakami and Magari’s journey to achieve what they both envisioned is genuinely beautiful. It’s not childish yet it’s so innocent and full of life. In fact, their goal made me feel alive; it’s just breathtaking to witness these kids run in the night. They go out, click pictures, capture memories and talk about authentic stuff. The best part is that their dynamic feels like a ray of sunshine, a warm hug, and an affectionate smile. Both of them ought to make you feel good.

A Wholesome Overdose:

It’s not every day you want to read a thriller or ecchi, right? Sometimes, all you need is a good manga that’s wholesome and brightens up your day. For those days, I recommend you (once again) Insomniacs After School. To say that it’s an overdose of wholesomeness isn’t an exaggeration; it ticks off every criterion to get categorized under that word. 

nakami and magari on beach insomniacs after school
Under the starlit sky and gritty sand, a friendship was blossoming

From crossing the lonely roads that were once bustling with people to sleeping under the starry sky, the manga elevates your mood real quick. One of the prominent reasons a work becomes wholesome is that the mangaka gives you the characters you can genuinely care about. And the best part about it is that Makoto Ojiro does it without any supernatural or abnormal stuff; hence, it becomes relatable too.

Nakami and Magari are just two kids living their teenage years and in the process are becoming the pillars for each other. Apart from that, they share a very delightful dynamic between them too; it’s always so pleasing to look at them. Their chemistry and insomnia make my heart melt every time.

The Breathable Art of Insomniacs After School:

Okay, I won’t waste much time describing how gorgeous the spreads are and how aesthetic the art is throughout the chapters. In simple words, it reels you into their world, it lets you breathe, the art helps you to appreciate the characters and their journeys. The character designs are pretty simple and yet are so elegant. Other than that, in every chapter, the characters are wearing different clothes; making them more authentic, relatable, appealing, and wholesome. 

I could go on and on but here is one of my favourite panels. In fact, this is the panel that made me read Insomniacs After School in the first place.

magari isaki insomniacs after school
How can you not love the art of Insomniacs After School??

The Drawbacks:

I honestly hate to do this but there is this one thing that just doesn’t fit. Its spoiler territory for this section so read at your discretion.

First things first, I adore Ganta and Isaki but I can’t ignore the fact that their bonding started in such a haphazard manner. It was too fast for them to become friends, hang out and hear heartbeats. The initial parts of their relationship seem so unnatural and too spontaneous; like anything happens and they get close to each other. This all might sound so rude after complimenting them so much but it is what it is.

Well, there’s one more although it’s just a nitpick. But why did the observatory – a secret/special place for both of them – be submerged into the deep? It was like the story almost strayed away from that to accomplish several other things. The whole angle of ‘this place is for us insomniacs’ was ruthlessly taken away in a jiffy. Honestly, I was very disappointed but the leads’ journey and chemistry almost compensated for this whole situation.

Wrapping Up:

To take a walk under the starry sky – that’s how I would like to describe Insomniacs After School in one phrase. It’s enchanting because it’s a fleeting feeling; you don’t know when it will get away so you try to make every second count. In a way, it’s hauntingly beautiful. That said, I highly recommend you to read this and feel every ounce of wholesomeness and joy it brings. 

manga panel of insomniacs after school

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