Ghost In The Shell Director Comments On Vlad Love

The official site and youtube of Vlad Loved released a main visual of the series. Mamoru Oshii, of “GHOST IN THE SHELL” fame, is in charge of the general director, original work, and series composition of the anime.

Out of all the visuals released, the latest one has a more comical tone to it. Also, the characters display a comical expression. The catchphrase related to the series “Gayjutsu is crazy!” is currently trending. The main visual announced recently is:

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In reference to the images, comments from Director Oshii is:

I want to do Girl Meets Girl seriously. The story of the connection between people. That’s why it’s “blood”. There are also words such as “blood ties” and “friends connected by blood”, but I wanted to talk about “blood” seriously. So “vampire”. “Sucking blood” may be a symbolic act, but in many ways, I thought about symbolically talking about “blood.”

And dealing with vampires is also a story of a different culture. It is a different culture, so-called non-human (jingai). I’m human but not human. Someone’s fate is someone’s sacrifice (nail), and he can only live at someone’s sacrifice. The story of encountering such foreign things and connecting them. When it comes to blood, it tends to be dark and gruesome, but instead, I wanted to do it lightly.

These are the visuals from the first episode:

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The official trailer of the series is:

The plot of the series is:

“Mitsugu Kizuna, a high school girl who is a serious blood donation enthusiast. Faces bullying by the nurses in the blood donation car.

One day, she encounters a foreigner Beautiful girl in a blood donation car. She is pale and is about to collapse, and at the moment when she is about to be drained, she suddenly changes and destroys the blood donation car! Mitsugu somehow protects the unconscious girl and takes her home”

The Staff announced for the series is as follows:

Production: Ichigo Animation
General Director / Original / Series Composition: Mamoru Oshii
Director: Junji Nishimura
Screenplay: Mamoru Oshii / Kei Yamamura
Visual Design: Uta Mizuno
Character Design: Kazushige Arakaki
Color Design: Hiroko Umezaki
Art Setting: Yasutada Kato
Art: smartile
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi

Art Director: Kazuhiro Obata
Sound Effect: Kaori Yamada
Recording Adjustment: Takeshi Imaizumi
Sound Production: Production IG
Music Production: AUBE
Music: Kenji Kawai
Animation Production: Drive
Animation Production Cooperation: Production IG
Production: Comic Animation


Kizuna Mitsugu: Ayane Sakura
My Vlad Transylvania: Rina Hidaka
Blood Festival Blood Hiro : Romi Park
Watanabe Maki: Saori Hayami
Hitoko Sumida: Yoko Hikasa
Untennami: Yu Kobayashi
Kaoru Konno: Kanako Takatsuki
Katsuno Masumi role: Kenta Miyake
Okada role:
Kaito Ishikawa Kamihara role: Ryunosuke Watanuki
Hotta role: Taro Kiuchi
My dad role: Hiroshi Iwasaki
Mitsugu no To-chan role: Joji Nakata

Theme song

■ Opening theme song (
Mitsugu Ver) Artist name: BloomDye
Song name “Where you are”
Lyrics: Daisuke “DAIS” Miyachi, LITTLE
Composition: Daisuke “DAIS” Miyachi
Arrangement: Yuichi Ohno

■ Opening theme song (My Ver)
Artist name: LOVEBITES
Song name “Winds Of Transylvania”
Lyrics: asami
Composition: asami & Mao
Arrangement: LOVEBITES & Mao

■ Ending theme song (Blood Hiro Ver) Domestic distribution version
Artist name: alan & Ayasa
Song name “Red Rain” * Scheduled for domestic use
Lyrics: Psycho Kawamura
Composition / Arrangement: ZENTA

■ Ending theme (Ayasa instrument) Overseas distribution version
Artist name: Ayasa
Song name “New Moon” * Scheduled for overseas
Composition / Arrangement: Yasuhisa Inoue