Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Popularity Poll Results: ‘Aura the Guillotine’ Outranks Frieren


The official Twitter account of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End unveiled the results of the second character popularity poll of the series on March 25, 2024.

The poll, which was conducted on the official website, from Jan 20 to Feb 24, 2024, received a staggering total of 12,688,733 votes.

Topping the list was Himmel with 1,239,533 votes, for the second time in a row. Following closely behind is Aura of the guillotine, making a surprising jump from 10th place in the previous poll to 2nd place in the latest poll, with over 1,045,369 votes.

The protagonist Frieren, on the other hand, has dropped to the 5th place, compared to the previous poll, where she came in 2nd place.

Checkout the top 10 popular characters below:

Frieren popularity poll

  1. Himmel (1,239,533 votes)
  2. Aura of the Guillotine (1,045,369 votes)
  3. Fern (864,863 votes)
  4. Ubel (847,205 votes)
  5. Frieren (816,279 votes)
  6. Linie (675,744 votes)
  7. Stark (587,392 votes)
  8. Macht of the Golden Land (353,780 votes)
  9. Solitär (352,524 votes)
  10. Mimic (341,347 votes)

Fans on social media are buzzing with reactions. Many express surprise at Frieren’s drop and Aura’s unexpected surge.

  • Aura really had the momentum to win 1st place.
  • I can’t believe Aura is this high… The power of anime and the internet is amazing.
  • I thought she would be 1st place. But it’s still amazing that she got 2nd place with just that one scene.
  • The main character is in 5th place! ?
  • To lose to Aura…lol
  • I can’t believe that Frieren is in 5th place. It’s no wonder I’m depressed
  • There’s probably going to be a campaign to make Aura 1st place next time.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a Japanese manga series written by Kanehito Yamada and illustrated by Tsukasa Abe. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday since April 2020, with its chapters collected in 12 tankobon volumes as of December 2023.

By December 2023, the manga had over 17 million copies in circulation. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End won the 14th Manga Taisho and the New Creator Prize of the 25th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2021 and the 69th Shogakukan Manga Award in 2024.

The series is licensed for English release in North America by Viz Media.

It was also recently announced that the manga will be getting a a prequel novel adaptation, titled Shosetsu Soso no Frieren ~Zenso~ (Novel: Soso no Frieren ~Prelude~), scheduled for release on April 17, 2024.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Madhouse premiered in September 2023.

Source: Twitter

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