Fire Force Author Embraces Skin-show In Response To Fan Service Criticism

Anyone having some knowledge about the series can only be amazed by the author's creativity.

Fire Force Author Counterblasts For Fan service criticism

Lately, the discussion on the fanservice in the series, Fire Force, is going a little out of hand. It seems that fans are either in favor of these sexy interludes or strongly against them. Tamaki, a character from the series often finds herself in an ecchi moment considered unnecessary for the plot.

What is more, sometimes these ecchi moments drop out of nowhere in a serious sequence of events, ruining the tension or the objective the original scene intended to have on the reader/viewer.

When the first season of Fire Force came out in Dec 2019, there were already some doubts from the fans that the anime will flop due to unnecessary fanservice, and many people after watching the anime, complained about it as well. But, it seems like the author of the series does not give two sh*ts about these criticisms.


In a recent chapter of the ongoing manga, Tamaki continues her fight against an enemy while viewers criticized her in the background for her vulgarity and tendencies of exhibitionism. At the end of the chapter, fed up with all the comments and the situation, Tamaki expresses:

Fire force 2

I’m sick of your whinning! If you hate showing skin so much then I have something to show you!

Further more, Ookubo added an additional line at the time that he wrote:

Who cares what society says ?! This is what I am! I will save the world with the power of sex appeal!

Of course, the author didn’t directly respond to the critics but anyone having some knowledge about the series can only be amazed by the author’s creativity to thrash at their face the answer to all their complaints against the fan-service in Fire Force.

Source: Anime Senpai

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