Dragon Ball Super “Next Project” In The Works, Teases Akio Iyoku

Word on the street & reliable translators say it's going to be a new movie


Executive Producer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero & Toriyama’s editor and right-hand man Akio Iyoku teased of a new project following Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is currently in the works.

The August edition of V-Jump Magazine was published a couple of days back and it contained an interview with Akio Iyoku. He talks about the behind-the-scenes and other production information of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero which wasn’t revealed before.

When asked about the future plans of the franchise, Iyoku said a “new entry” on the series is already in the making!

Kanzenshuu member Ian (aka Cipher_db) provided the summary of the interview in the form of a thread.

According to him, Iyoku teased that a new film is in the works. The word “threatens” could be inserted as a joke.

Herms interpreted it in a similar way but emphasized the term “next project”.

On Jan 3, 2022, Iyoku hinted at Dragon Ball Super’s next project being announced sometime in 2022 in an interview.

Bottom line: The next project in the Dragon Ball Super franchise is already underway but it’s not confirmed whether it is the Anime returning or a new movie. So stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Twitter

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