Boruto: Kawaki’s Plan To Meet Code!

Amado in Boruto

Chapter 61 of Boruto has left the fans craving for the next chapter! With Code’s actions, Kawaki’s plans and many intricate details, the fans are overjoyed! Since there’s so much to cover, let’s start with the analysis instantly! 

For the sake of analysing more easily, I’ll break down the chapter into parts and then we’ll discuss those sections one by one. So, let’s get started! 


The chapter starts off with Boruto and the boys hanging out, opening Ninja Card packs. As usual, Boruto’s stuck with his master Shino Aburame’s card for eternity! Boruto then vents about the constant watch on him at all times. This steers the conversation in an interesting direction. 

We finally get more details about how the Konoha Surveillance force keeps an eye on people. Apparently, it only checks on people when they enter/exit the village. Well, this makes sense as keeping tabs on people the whole time is an outright invasion of privacy. Here, Inojin makes it clear that while they only check people going in and out, the village is still safe, for the most part. The only reason for such tight security is Code and his abilities. 

As one would expect, Kawaki doesn’t understand much of this since he doesn’t know what chakra signatures are. If you don’t either, then don’t worry! The unique chakra of a person is known as a chakra signature. While everybody has a different chakra signature, parents and their offsprings have some similarities in their chakra signatures. Think of it as an extra chromosome that exists in the shinobi world. Since these chakra signatures are chakra, sensory ninjas can detect them! Inojin further explained that nobody can infiltrate Konoha unless they erase their chakra signatures. 

The scene then shifts to one of the locations with Code’s claw marks, which Sasuke is taking a look at here. Here, two interesting happen:
Firstly, the Jonin informing about Code’s abilities speaks to Sasuke as if he is a higher-up or at least on the same level as Sasuke. In fact, he wouldn’t even call him by name; just “Hey Uchiha”. While you might think that he’s simply addressing him professionally since it’s common to use someone’s last name when talking to them in Japan, it surely isn’t the case.

Here, he is sending a message to the Uchiha. What he means to say is “Hey! Don’t just butt in and do as you like! Especially a person like you”. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, then remember that Sasuke was a rogue ninja before. He has killed a Hokage, attacked all 5 Kages, joined forces with the Akatsuki, tried to kill all the Tailed-Beasts and more. And, people didn’t forget that. There are plenty of people who believe that Sasuke should be put behind the bars, regardless of the fact that the 4th Shinobi War was impossible to win without his contribution. 

The Sasuke Shinden Novel explains that Sasuke is apparently on Probation, and a lot of people still don’t forgive him for his wrong-doings. It is a sticky situation since you cannot blame people who believe so, especially because Sasuke tried to turn on the world even after the 4th Great Ninja War. 

Nonetheless, Sasuke is well aware of this. So, he replies that he is simply following orders, he does not believe that he is in control. This way, Sasuke handles the situation swiftly. He’s made it clear that he is aware of his past, and he knows that he can’t run away from it. Moreover, he makes it clear that he doesn’t feel like he is above the Jonin present; that all of them are simply fulfilling their duties.

This was a good showing of Sasuke’s place in Konoha right now. Such details are always appreciated by fans since it makes the characters and the story feel multi-dimensional naturally. 

The other important part is Sasuke’s speculation about the location. He believes that Code won’t appear at this location for some reason. While it is just a hunch, he says that he wouldn’t attack from here if he was supposed to do it. During this scene, he closely examines the mark and looks to his left for a while. We can see a forest in the background. Again, nothing’s clear about this, since it’s just a hunch but I think that we can bet on it. Sasuke has infiltrated both the Leaf Village and the Cloud Village in the past; he knows his stuff. 

Moving forward, the chapter shifts its focus towards Shikamaru, who is on his smoking break. Here, it seems like he is talking to that same Jonin through wireless, as he says “I see. Nah, it’s fine. Let Sasuke do his thing”, Seems like that Jonin still doesn’t like Sasuke’s presence!

Then, Konoha’s new citizen, Amado arrives. 

Shikamaru and Amado’s conversation: 

This is what I’ve been waiting for, a proper conversation between two masterminds. The conversation starts with Amado poking Shikamaru a bit, stating that Code isn’t the brightest individual, so it shouldn’t be that hard to catch him. Shikamaru plays this passive-aggressively by apologising for being incompetent. While Amado diffuses the tension immediately, he does make a point. Code isn’t really smart, and he hasn’t been caught/seen because of Eida, his new ally. 

Moving ahead, Amado takes out his cigarette too, to which Shikamaru objects. 

He says “hold it right there. Smoking’s prohibited here. Don’t get carried away”. Amado simply gives him the look, since Shikamaru himself is smoking, but still does as Shikamaru says. While it seems like Shikamaru is simply being petty, it clearly isn’t the case. Here, he’s making a statement. This is basically confirmed as Shikamaru says that he still believes that everything is going according to Amado’s script.  

By stopping Amado from smoking there, even though he was smoking himself isn’t Shikamaru simply flexing his powers, it’s a warning in a way. Or else, he wouldn’t have said “don’t get carried away”. He clearly means that Konoha still doesn’t trust Amado, and he should remember that they’re keeping an eye on him at all times. A single mistake could prove to be fatal for him. 

Amado understands this well too, and that’s why he didn’t smoke. He’s replying to Shikamaru’s message by saying “Okay, I’ll do as you say, I’m not trying to stir things up, I’m with you guys”. Nonetheless, Shikamaru really is blunt and honest about his feelings regarding Amado. He even says that his cigarette doesn’t taste as good when Amado is around. Our beloved Hokage’s advisor clearly doesn’t trust Amado in any way, shape or form.

Then, they talk a bit about Kawaki as well. Both agree that Kawaki’s love goes far beyond a simple father complex. Furthermore, Amado states that Kawaki would sacrifice anything for his Lord Hokage. I see this as an indication from Amado, as he says that love can be seen in different ways. He says that love can seem like madness from a different angle, and there’s no clear distinction between the two. I believe that Amado clearly understands this and won’t back down from using this to his advantage if the need arises. 

Boruto and the Family:

It’s late at night right now, Himawari’s sleeping, Boruto is playing games on his hand-held console and Naruto is watching an emotional, romantic tv soap with Hinata after returning from work. Awhh, how cute! Naruto does his best to make time for his family even though he is always overworking!  Moving forward, Kawaki is going out to throw some trash magazines. Hinata asks him to throw it tomorrow morning, but Kawaki insists since he’d forget if he doesn’t do it right now. 

Kawaki goes out, the sensory ninja reports that Kawaki has come out of the house. Kawaki drops the trash, jumps back into the garden, gets stuck for a second in the bushes, and then gets back in. The surveillance guy reports the same. Nothing out of the ordinary so far!

But, Boruto senses something weird as soon as Kawaki enters the house. He is shut down by Kawaki before he can even talk. Standing in the corridor, he realises that there he senses two Kawakis! One who’s inside the house and one outside! He runs out of the house to confront Kawaki but notices that the surveillance ninja is keeping an eye. Hence, he goes back in so that nobody finds this out. He barges into Kawaki’s room and asks him about how he erased his chakra signature and what he’s planning. Then, it suddenly hits him, “How come I can tell where the real you is?”

The real Kawaki, who’s running through the woods right now says that Boruto could sense him like wave patterns either due to the fact that both of them are Otsutsukis. You know what I mean, right? Hello? Isshiki? Sir? He also said that it’s either due to him being an Otsutsuki or due to their affinity, and I’m hoping that it’s the latter. I’d be glad if they explain how Boruto could sense Kawaki clearly later.

My guess (based on what Kawaki said) is that this is something exclusive to two Karma bearers with perfect synchronization and/or affinity. There’s a chance that is exclusive to Karma bearers with perfect synchronization, but then again we can only speculate right now. Personally, it would’ve been cooler and much easier to understand if Boruto could sense Kawaki using his Jougan. 

Code’s Attack: 

Since Kawaki is alone right now, this is the perfect opportunity for Code to attack him. Eida informs about Kawaki’s location to Code using her Senrigan. While they don’t seem to know why Kawaki’s out alone, Code intends to ask him directly. 

Kawaki’s decisions seem questionable since he clearly can’t take care of Code alone. But, we do know that he’ll do anything for Naruto. Does he plan on negotiating? Or did he take the Karma seal Amado was talking about? Amado did mention that Kawaki’s love for Naruto runs deep. In fact, it could seem like madness to someone. Also, we should keep in mind that the chapter title is “Madness” itself! However, I reckon that we’ll just have to wait a few months more to see the truth! 

Final Thoughts: 

This was an amazing chapter. A lot of small details and hints were spread throughout the chapter. It also did a great job at building the tension for what’s to come next. A lot of fans are super excited to see what Kawaki plans to do; Code and Boruto as well! While I do have a problem or two with the chapter (Boruto sensing Kawaki’s clone for example); there’s a good chance that they’ll explain it eventually so we can let it pass for now. 

What are your thoughts on the chapter? Did you like it or not? Why? Let us know in the comments below! 


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