35 Iconic Anime Symbol Tattoo Ideas That You Must Try!

Anime Symbol Tattoo

Anime tattoos are a must have if you are an anime lover and also love getting inked. However, another particular niche in this section is the anime symbol tattoos. They are often easy to get and a good place to start too very often.

To make your task of finding a good design easy, we have listed out the 35 iconic anime symbol tattoo ideas out there which you must definitely try.

The following ideas are not listed in any particular order, so make sure to scroll till the end so that you don’t miss out on any cool anime symbol tattoo designs.

1. Brand of sacrifice from Berserk

The brand of sacrifice is one of the most iconic symbols from Berserk and is a very good fit for an anime symbol tattoo. The best part to get this tattoo would be in the same place that Guts has it, i.e. on his neck, but it would also look good on your forearm or any other spot. Go on, feel the pain of the brand, get yourself inked with this.

2. The Ouroboros symbol from FMAB

The Ouroboros from FMAB once again is a cool anime symbol tattoo, not just because it is from an iconic anime, the tattoo design too is pretty rad. A dragon devouring its own tail, representing the eternal cycle of life and death? That’s a tattoo you get, if you’re looking for something with a deep meaning.

3. The Sharingan symbol from Naruto

Naruto’s Sharingan is one of the most common anime symbol tattoos that you will see. The anime’s tremendous popularity has made a lot of its die-hard fans get themselves inked with the sharingan. If you don’t mind being one among many, and want a standout and easily recognizable anime tattoo, then Sharingan is the way to go. It can literally go on your forearms, wrists, neck, or even the torso.

4. Naruto’s seal

If the Sharingan was too mainstream for you, then there’s the next next symbol from Naruto, the seal that our lovable protagonist sports. Once again, you’ll have yourself an iconic and popular anime tattoo. The best place to get this anime symbol tattoo would be on your stomach, the same way that Naruto had. It’d look equally good on the biceps area too.

5. All jolly rogers from One Piece

Now, there’s a lot you can choose from here. Every Jolly Roger in One Piece is a potential anime tattoo design, and most of them boast an amazing design. Don’t trust me? Check out the designs below! 

6. Goku’s Roshi kanji from Dragonball

The kanji that Goku proudly sports on his dress depicts that he is a student of Master Roshi. So, like Goku, if you too consider yourself to be a student of the perverted old man, then this kanji is the perfect anime symbol tattoo for you.

Dragon Ball buffs, this is one of the lesser inked designs from the series out there and you might want to sport this proudly to show off what a big fan you are.

7. L’s symbol from Death Note

Death Note fan? Got half as much brains as the detective deuteragonist? Then this anime symbol tattoo is the best pick for you! While it’s often a good anime tattoo design on arm, we have also seen people sport it around their shoulders or the chest. 

8. Geass from Code Geass

Now, the Geass may have given Lelouch the power to control other people, a geass symbol tattoo might not give you the same powers. Regardless, it is a cool anime symbol tattoo to sport and might catch the attention of a fellow anime fan. A brief moment of attention from a fellow otaku in a lonely degenerate life can mean a lot.

9. Jojo’s menacing symbol

Menacing Jojo symbols on your body? Who’d say no to that?

Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda muda!

Also, this would be a good anime tattoo design on leg, torso or even arms.

10. The Fairy Tail symbol tattoo

Another very common and equally dashing anime tattoo idea is the logo of the strongest guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. There’s no better way of showing others that you too are a member of the Fairy Tail guild, than by getting yourself this anime symbol tattoo. Sure, your Chuunibyou syndrome will no longer be a secret, but then, this is worth it.

Proudly sport your guild membership as you go on your imaginary adventure. This would go well on the shoulder blades too.

11. The Shinigami badge from Bleach

If you are a fan of Bleach anime, then sporting a shinigami badge is very good idea for an anime symbol tattoo. Who knows, this symbol might also let you actually be a member of the Gotei 13 once you pass on from this world. This small symbol can go anywhere on your body, shoulders, wrists, or even close to nape.

12. The Pokeball from Pokemon

If you think this needs any specific introduction, then I have serious doubts about your anime oriented childhood. That said, the Pokeball is a very simple and often one of the best anime symbol tattoos to get. The best part? It comes in colors! Sad part is that these balls will never open to reveal a cool Pokémon.

Get this tattoo design on upper arm, or shoulders, your calf and shin or even you nape.

13. The four star dragon ball

The four star dragon ball has a lot of significance not just to Goku (since his grandpa Gohan owned it) but also the Dragon Ball anime in general. So, if you are a hardcore fan of the anime, then getting this tattoo inked on your body (arms, shoulders, even near the ankles) will be a pretty good choice. It’s also one of those anime tattoo ideas with a pretty simple design, and should a be a choice for beginners.

Just like Goku, you too can treasure this keepsake.

14. Koro sensei’s smile from Assassination Classroom

Are you a fan of Assasination Classroom and its yellow octopus? If yes, then this anime symbol tattoo is a perfect one for you. Not only is this a simple tattoo, Also, this would be a great choice if you are in the same line of business as him. It’s all hush hush… Jokes apart, make sure you dispose the body off properly. 

This shining yellow ball tattoo might not be as iconic as the one above, but then, it’s got its own charm, and a weirdly alluring smile.

15. A Gundam tattoo

Flaunt your love for the old classics by getting a tattoo of the head of the famous Gundam model on your forearms of your name. There is nothing else that would translate your love for the mecha and sci-fi anime genre than a Gundam anime symbol tattoo, or a Transformers tattoo.

16. Transformers’ Autobots and Decepticons symbol

Welcome to the more famous counterpart of the Gundam Franchise. People often forget that Transformers too is an anime. So, if you are one of those closet mecha anime fans, and don’t want others to know about your little secret, getting an Autobot or Decepticon tattoo will be the perfect solution.

17. Symbol of team Dai from Gurren Lagann

Here’s another anime symbol tattoo idea for the mecha lover in you. The logo of Team Dai-Gurren from Gurren Lagann. The design for the logo is uber cool and rad, and will go well on your forearms or even the torso. It has this whole bad boy kinda feel revolving around it, and if that’s a persona you want to portray and then this tattoo would be the right fit for you

18. Sailor moon anime symbol tattoo

Are you a pretty guardian who fights for love and justice? Do you punish those around you in the name of moon? Then instead of sporting the famous staff from Sailor Moon anime, you should just get it inked on your body instead. Iconic as it is, this sailor moon anime symbol tattoo is one of the best there is out there.

Get this on, and you can go MOON PRISM POWER, MAKE-UP!

19. The plane from cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is a mood. It’s a vibe. Words are hardly enough to describe what it makes fans of the anime feel. Spike Spiegel lovers, what better anime symbol tattoo idea can you have than the space cowboy’s legendary jet. The best part? You can top it off with an iconic quote from the anime.

20. Rurouni Kenshin’s Scar tattoo

Allow me to bring you another great anime symbol tattoo idea which is inspired by the iconic Rurouni Kenshin anime. Did you know that this anime is getting a remake?

If you picture yourself in your mind as this sword brandishing samurai thug who often gets into brawls with the baddies, but don’t have a scar to show for all your near death experiences (because all of those exchanges took place in your head), then you may just borrow the one Kenshin had and ink it.

21. Sukuna’s face tattoo symbol

Okay, enough with the old anime tattoo design suggestions. Let’s take a look at the new ones that are equally sensational enough. We start this list with none other than Sukuna’s face tattoo. It is one of the most recognizable anime tattoos from recent times and there is no limit to how creative you can get with them. That eye and mouth can just sprout anywhere they want!

22. Wings of Freedom from AOT

The logo of the survey corps is next in our list, and is easily one of the best and most recognizable anime symbol tattoos that you can get, thanks to Attack on Titan’s worldwide fame.

The survey corps were the brave souls (sadly) who fought the titans on the front lines to keep alive the miniscule chance that humanity had for freedom. While you might not be that great at fighting, or winning in life, getting this anime tattoo would at least make you seem like one.

23. Demon Slayer Corps’ kanji tattoo

Now, this is one of the lesser known anime symbol tattoo ideas out there. The demon slayer corps kanji is not something that every Demon Slayer fan out there is aware off. So sport this tattoo, and show off your knowledge about the anime you love. Who know, maybe you might even get a bird from a certain someone.

24. Tanjiro’s hanafuda earing tattoo

If the Demon Slayer corps’ symbol was too niche, then allow me introduce you to its more popular anime tattoo counterpart, the Hanafuda Earring. The earrings that Tanjiro wears is pretty famous among fans, and the design too is something that screams “perfect for being a tattoo”!

25. Soul Eater’s moon and sun tattoo

If you are looking for a whacky anime symbol tattoo, something that oozes crazy, then these sun and moon designs from Soul Eater (and even Fire Force) are the best choice. They’d also work out perfectly as a couple tattoo, or if you are single, you could get one of them on each arm.

26. Totoro symbol from Ghibli

My Neighbor Totoro is one of those movies which helped shoot Ghibli Studio to fame. The movie gained mass critical acclaim and the main character Totoro would go on to become a brand for Ghibli themselves.

What other way to homage to a great studio, than by getting an anime tattoo of the beloved character. It goes without saying that the Totoro tattoo will look amazing!

27. Red Spider lily from Tokyo Ghoul

Now, the Red Spider Lily from Tokyo Ghoul might not be a symbol per se, but it is an imagery which held a lot of imagery and often conveyed deeper themes and meaning in the manga. This makes it one of the best anime symbol tattoos for you to get if you are Tokyo Ghoul buff. Go ahead, sport those literary themes of change and transformation with just a simple tattoo.

28. Phantom Troupe’s spider tattoo from Hunter x Hunter

If getting a tattoo of some creepy flowers (no matter how deep of a meaning they convey) is not up your alley, then how about a giant tattoo of a spider on your back. This anime symbol tattoo from Hunter x Hunter is not just great for its design, but it will also confirm your membership in the infamous phantom troupe.

We highly suggest that you replicate the tattoo in the same spot as shown in the series, but feel free to experiment a bit.

29. HXH Logo/Symbol

If spiders creep you out and you want no part of it on your body, then I have the next best anime symbol tattoo suggestion from HxH. Yeah, that’s it. You can get the Hunter x Hunter logo tattooed on your body. And no, you wouldn’t be the first person to do it!

It would be a good tattoo design for the upper arms.

30. Denji’s string from Chainsaw Man

This is probably the easiest anime symbol tattoo design in our list, and it would only work if you get it done at the right spot. You could whip it out and scare the unsuspecting devils, though you might have to turn tail and flee as there’s no way you could actually pull off the transformation. Simple and innovative, that’s how we’d describe this tattoo.

31. Other anime symbol tattoo ideas from Ghibli

Well, in addition to Totoro, there are a couple of other anime symbol tattoo ideas that Ghibli has given us through their movies in the past two decades. The black soot from Totoro, Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle and the Kodama from Princess Mononoke are some standout ones, and you should not shy away from getting these tats of your bod if you are Ghibli Fan. Cute as they are, they go anywhere on your body and garner you an “Awwwwwwww” from the crowd.

32. Junji Ito’s Uzumaki tattoo

Junji Ito fan? Like scaring people? Want a tattoo that translates these emotions perfectly? Then this Uzumaki tattoo would be a good place to start. However, if you are someone who is scared by the spiral abomination, then beware. Or atleast tattoo it in a place where you won’t have to see it everyday!

33. Dango Daikazoku from Clannad

You have seen whacky, you have seen trendy, you have seen cute and you have your fair share of iconic tattoo designs in this list. But trust me when I say this, there is nothing more comforting or easy on the eyes than the Dango Daikazoku tattoo from Clannad. If these three dumplings are looking all cute on your forearms, you’ll have a whole lot of people fawning over you, or the tattoo.

34. Black bulls’ symbol from Black Clover

If you see yourself as someone who is weird, or cocky or just about trash enough to be a member of the Black Bulls from Black Clover, then look no further. The Black Bulls’ logo would be a fine place to start off your anime symbol tattoo journey.

35. 5-leaf clover from Black Clover

Another tattoo idea from Black Clover anime is that of the 5-leaf clover. It’s got a very subtle design, and in way does it scream anime, like, say the four star dragon ball tattoo. We consider the 5-leaf clover tattoo to be a beginners level of tattoo. So if you are just here to dip your toes in the whole anime tattoo niche, this would be a good place to start.

Well, that’s all from us folks. If you think there are more anime symbol tattoo suggestions that need to be included in this list, then make sure to mention them in the comments below!

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