All The Anime References In Los Angeles Chargers New Schedule Video

Los Angeles Chargers anime inspired schedule video

NFL football team Los Angeles Chargers once again showcased their love for anime, as they released an anime inspired video revealing their schedule for the upcoming season.

You can check out the video below:

The video is currently breaking the internet for all the right reasons. In this article I’ll be listing out all the anime references that we found in the schedule video from the start. Keep reading:

Quarterback Justin Herbert (#10) as Genos from One Punch Man:

Some were arguing there was a Trigun Stampede reference here, but we stick to Genos! Blast away!

One Punch Man
Cyborgs, heh!

Kaiji gob arc reference for Chargers vs Raiders (week 4):

Go Figure!

Kaiji Bog arc
Gambling is never good you know…

Hunter x Hunter reference for week 5 (with a Psyduck):

The vibe is chill for the Bye Week, aptly portrayed by Gon and the Psyduck. There’s also a reference to Netero and his powers using Mike Mcdaniel!

Hunter X Hunter
Gotta catch ’em all!!

Truck-Kun makes an appearance:

Cowboys #4 Dak Prescott got thrown under the truck by the social media team. Got transported to some isekai world?

Truck Kun
A bit harsh? No?

Adorable Bear? But that’s still JJK!

Chargers got creative and used Jujutsu Kaisen reference for their week 8 fixture against the bear, using the scene involving Yaga and Panda. The panda got replaced by We Bare Bears, however, that’s still a JJK reference!

Jujutsu Kaisen
Baby panda or the baby bear?

Yor and Anya reference from Spy x Family:

That’s the Mina Kimes show featuring Lenny. But it’s also Anya and Yor. You decide!

Spy X Family

Giant blue Pochita (with Gambling problems?):

We see Pochita representing the Lions on Week 10, but what’s with all the Gambling Problem information. It’s an obvious reference to the gambling from earlier this season. Dark!

Chainsaw man
If you have a scandal, the Chargers are on to it!

Dragon Ball’s hyperbolic time chamber:

Train harder boys!!

Dragonball Chamber
This was an easy one!

FMAB Father reference:

That’s Bill Belichik as Father. Did you notice the Patriot’s Spygate scandal being called out? Chargers social media account is going all out!!!

Watching all those tapes aren’t we?

Chargers as the six paths of pain from Naruto:

Why though?

The Attack on Titan salute:

It did not stay for long, but that is definitely an AOT reference!

Attack On Titan
Slaying them titans!

The Hashiras are here!

Michael Davis, Asante Samuel Jr. and J.C. Jackson appear as the Hashiras Rengoku, Tengen Uzui and Giyu Tomioka respectively!

Demon Slayer
Slasher dicer!

Dragon Ball reference again:

Derwin James is going super saiyan here!

Dragonball Gohan
Maybe? Maybe not?

Lastly, My Hero Academia:

A list of retired numbers and legends for the Chargers in classic My Hero Academia reference! Fans have taken this piece as a foreshadowing for Navy secondary helmets coming!

My Hero Academia
Power of legends to drive them forward

Did we miss out any references? Point it out in the comments below!! Which one was your favorite out of these??

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