8Million Production Company Announces An LGBTQ Sensitivity Reader Service

8million realized the need for consultancy in an era where the English word "diversity" is also becoming commonplace in Japan.

The Kemono Friends franchise production company 8 Million(formerly known as Yaoyorozu) has come forward to announce an LGBTQ sensitivity reader service last week, August 10. “debate+ LGBTQ”, a service that collaborates with the openly gay YouTuber Kazue, who communicates about LGBTQ, to receive objective feedback from LGBTQ parties and allies before the client releases their content.

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The company is presidented by Yoshimasa Fukuhara, the 2017 “Kemono Friends” anime producer, as well as the Kemurikusa series in 2019.

The service offers two forms of feedback: surveys for those who wish to gather a wide range of opinions, and group interviews for those who wish to engage in a deeper discussion about the content with a small number of people.

According to ANN, in its press release, 8million highlighted the need for consultancy in an era where the English word “diversity” is also becoming commonplace in Japan. However, it also noted that “diversity” has not promulgated far in society, and that there are many harassment-related incidents. Many controversies are the result of “unconscious” actions or “ignorance without malice.” Therefore, checks performed internally on the production side may not catch potential issues. 8million has accordingly created a service to help bridge the knowledge gap.

8million will hold an online seminar with the theme “How to Approach Marketing in a Diverse Society” on August 30.

Source: 8million website via ANN

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