To Your Eternity Season 2 Reveals 4 Additional Voice Cast & Character Visuals

To The Eternity Season 2

The official website of the currently airing To Your Eternity season 2 revealed four more cast members that have joined the anime along with the visuals of the character they will be voicing on Jan 13, 2023.

The newly announced cast as well as their comments are:

  • Fukushi Ochiai as Cam
The role of Cam Fukutsugu Ochiai


My name is Fukushi Ochiai and I will be playing the role of Cam. I am very happy to be able to breathe as Cam in this world. I hope to laugh, cry, be happy, and be surprised together with Cam.

  • Akira Sekine as Yuiss
The role of Yuis Akira Sekine


My name is Akira Sekine, and I will be playing the role of Yuis in the anime “To Your Eternity Season 2”.
I have the impression that Yuis is not a strong girl, but she is a kind and gentle girl who cares for her friends. I will do my best to express her kindness and care.

  • Ayaka Fukuhara as Sera
Sera role Ayaka Fukuhara


I read the original work, so I was very happy when it was decided that I would be appearing! You can feel both the fragility and toughness of life and it leaves a lasting impression in the hearts of those who read it. I think it’s such a wonderful work. Sera is a cool woman who fights knockers with everyone. I have carefully portrayed her nervousness!

  • Chiharu Sawashiro as Sebas
Role of Sebas-Chiharu Sawashiro


My name is Chiharu Sawashiro and I will be playing the role of Sebas. I am very happy to be involved in this wonderful work. Sebas may be a bit naïve in some ways, but I get the impression that he is a character who works hard at what is right in front of him. I myself am looking forward to the broadcast! Please watch it, everyone!

To Your Eternity Season 2 anime started broadcasting on Oct 23, 2022.

Other cast includes:

  • Tomori Kusunoki will voice Hisame
  • Mitsuki Saiga will voice Kahaku
  • Takehito Koyasu will voice Bonchien

Kiyoko Sayama replaced Masahiko Murata as the new director of the second season, with the rest of the main staff reprising their roles, including Shinzō Fujita as the scriptwriter, Koji Yabuno as the character designer, Ryo Kawasak and Takeshi Takadera serving as the music composer and sound director respectively.

Season 2 of the anime also saw a change in animation studio, Drive will replace Brain’s Base.

The first season of the anime aired from April 12 to August 30, 2021, and ran for 20 episodes.

To Your Eternity is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Ōima. It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine since November 2016, with individual chapters collected by Kodansha into seventeen tankōbon volumes as of February 2022.

The story is about an immortal being, Fushi, who takes on multiple forms, including that of an abandoned white-haired village boy and his white wolf in order to stimulate as it learns what it is to be truly human.

Ōima, inspired by her own grandmother’s death, aimed to write about survival and the character Fushi, who initially is an emotionless stone but gradually develops a self and personality as a result of interacting with humans, young and old alike. In contrast to her previous work, A Silent VoiceTo Your Eternity puts little focus on the cast’s past but instead, upon the future.

In North America, the manga is licensed by Kodansha USA for a digital and printed English release.

Source: Official Website

© Yoshitoki Oima/Kodansha/NHK/NEP

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