OneRepublic & YUNGBLUD Get Roped In As Kaiju No. 8 Anime Theme Songs’ Artists; New PV & Release Date Revealed

The official website of the upcoming Kaiju No. 8 anime revealed a new promo video previewing the opening and ending theme songs on Feb 29, 2024.

British singer YUNGBLUD will perform the opening theme song “Abyss,” while American pop rock band OneRepublic will perform the ending theme song “Nobody”.

Kaiju No. 8 will start airing on April 13, 2024.

YUNGBLUD and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic expressed their excitement on being a part of the anime. Checkout their comments below:

YUNGBLUD’s Comment:


“I’m truly honored to have been able to contribute to this track. It was really great to be involved! As soon as I got the opportunity, I booked a studio in Tokyo and created the music while reading the story of ‘Kaiju No. 8.’ It was a new challenge for me personally, and I think the music really enhances the atmosphere and feeling of this work. I hope that everyone finds their place and finds friends. Even if you can’t brag about the hidden talents and powers you possess, I hope you won’t suppress them. Everyone is beautiful.

I’m also excited and can’t wait for the anime to start airing. I’ve seen a little bit of the footage, and it’s unbelievably amazing, so I hope everyone enjoys it too. Crazy things are starting, are you ready?”

Ryan Tedder’s (OneRepublic) Comment:

One Republic

“As a fundamental premise, I myself am a huge fan of Japan. I always get a lot of inspiration from anime, manga, music, food, culture, and more. Moreover, since I was a child, I’ve been obsessed with superheroes, and I still want to be as strong as Kafka, so I’m very excited to be involved with ‘Kaiju No. 8.’

Around spring 2023, I had a meeting with the ‘Kaiju No. 8’ team and was shown some of the visuals and storyboards, and from there, I analyzed the work and characters to figure out what kind of sound was needed. I wanted this song to convey a sense of excitement, fun, and shining moments. Since I was in Japan for work in November 2023, I wrote the lyrics during that time. This song is truly inspired by Japan to the fullest.”

Production I.G is in charge of animating Kaiju No.8 anime, with Studio Khara supervising the kaiju designs and artworks.

Cast includes:

  • Masaya Fukunishi as Kafka Hibino/Kaiju No. 8
  • Wataru Kato as Reno Ichikawa
  • Asami Seto as Mina Ashiro
  • Fairouz Ai as Kikoru Shinomiya
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Soshiro Hoshina
  • Yuki Shin as Iharu Furuhashi
  • Keisuke Komoto as Haruichi Izumo
  • Shunsuke Takeuchi as Aoi Kaguragi

Kaiju No.8 is directed by Shigeyuki Miya and Tomomi Kamiya, with scripts by Ichiro Ōkouchi, character designs and chief animation direction by Tetsuya Nishio, art direction by Shinji Kimura, monster designs by Mahiro Maeda, and music composed by Yuta Bando.

Kaiju No. 8 is a manga series written and illustrated by Naoya Matsumoto. It has been serialized for free on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ application and website since July 2020, with its chapters collected in ten tankobon volumes as of August 2023.

Source: Official Website

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