‘I Did It’: Kyoto Man Admits Sending Death Threats To Attack On Titan VA Yui Ishikawa


Fukuta Kishimoto has confessed to charges of posting death threats on an internet bulletin board, specifically targeting Mikasa’s voice actress from Attack on Titan. The trial unfolded with Kishimoto admitting guilt for his menacing online actions.

Kishimoto was arrested in November 2023 when he posted a threatening message on the internet forum, singling out renowned voice actor Yui Ishikawa. The ominous post read, “I will stab her randomly with a knife,” clearly indicating a violent intent.

During the initial court hearing, Kishimoto made a straightforward admission, stating, “I did it. There is no doubt about that,” effectively acknowledging the charges brought against him.

Yui Ishikawa

The prosecution underscored the psychological toll on Ishikawa, stating, “Ms. Ishikawa is working in fear, trembling even during the night“. As a consequence, the prosecution has recommended a sentence of one year and six months imprisonment for Kishimoto.

In contrast, the defense argued that Kishimoto, identified as an ardent fan of Ishikawa, harbored no genuine intention of causing harm. They pleaded for a more lenient judgment, taking into consideration the defendant’s fandom-driven actions.

The verdict for this case is scheduled for Feb 9, 2024.

This incident is not the first time Kishimoto has faced legal consequences for such behaviour. In 2020, he received a summary order with a fine of 500,000 yen for making murder threats on an online bulletin board, that time directed towards an anime director.

Source: FNN

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