Hikaru Nakamura’s Black Night Parade Manga Gets A Live-Action Film, Trailer Revealed

The film will release on Dec 23, 2022.

Black Night Parade Live Action

It has been officially confirmed on Aug 2, 2022, that Hikaru Nakamura’s Black Night Parade manga will be adapted into a live-action film. A trailer and visual for the same were also released.

Black Night Parade live-action film is set to release in Japan on Dec 23, 2022.

The visual features the main characters (from left- right) Kaizer Tanaka, protagonist Miharu Hino, Shino Hojo, and Teppei Kohira played by Taishi Nakagawa, Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto, and Keisuke Watanabe respectively.

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The film will be directed by Yuichi Fukuda. Fukuda will also serve as the scriptwriter along with Tetsuo Kamada. The movie will be distributed by TOHO.

Nakamura expressed her excitement regarding the live-action film, saying, “I am so happy and full of expectation that he will do it again. The cast members who will be playing the roles are all really great, and I am looking forward to seeing them on film. I was also allowed to see the filming site, and I was moved by how Yoshizawa-san erased her original brilliance and became Miharu herself. When Mr. Hashimoto drew Shino-chan, he thought, ‘I like the atmosphere of Kanna Hashimoto-chan.’ The moment I saw it, it was Kaiser himself! Mr. Watanabe also has a nice standing figure, and I’m looking forward to becoming a cooler Teppei than the original. I myself love Christmas, and I feel that there are a lot of themes lately about having to spend time with someone. !”

The mangaka also posted an illustration to commemorate the live-action news.

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Black Night Parade will be the second work of Hikaru Nakamura that director Yuichi Fukuda is adapting into a live-action film, after Saint Young Men.

The official website also put out comments of the main cast members.

Hikaru Nakamura’s Black Night Parade manga was serialized in Weekly Young Jump from 2016- 2019.

The official website describes the plot as:

Miharu Hino (Ryo Yoshizawa) is a dull man who has been working part-time at the Pawson Nerima North Exit convenience store for three years. While the world is in the mood for Christmas, a man in a black Santa suit suddenly says to him, “I have a job offer! I’m looking forward to working with you from today onward.

When he wakes up, he finds himself in a mysterious company, Santa Claus House, at the North Pole!

Children’s letters arrive from all over the world, piles of presents are piled up, and a large number of black Santas are dressed in black Santa suits.
Together with his colleagues Shino Hojo (Kanna Hashimoto), Emperor Tanaka (Taishi Nakagawa), and Teppei Kodaira (Keisuke Watanabe), all of whom have strong personalities, they start working as Black Santas who distribute gifts to children all over the world

But there is a secret behind the company… And then comes the crisis of Christmas!
Can Miharu and his friends bring happiness to the children of the world on Christmas night?

Source: Official Website

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