Golden Kamuy Author Ranks Characters By Their Penis Size

Protagonist Sugimoto did not make it to the top 10.

In a recent interview with Shueisha Online, Golden Kamuy author Satoru Noda ranked characters from the manga on the basis of their penis sizes.

Noda revealed that the most popular request he received among the 2200 questions fans sent for the fanbook was for him to put out a character ranking based on penis sizes.

Though he labelled these fans perverts, Noda decided to respond to their request and ranked the characters as follows.

Golden Kamuy Live Action

Ushiyama > Tanigaki > Boutarou > Kiroranke > Kikuta > Ariko > Ienaga > Vasily > Nihei > Lightning Bandit > Tsukishima > Tsurumi

The author also justified the inclusion of Boutaro among Ushiyama, Tanigaki, Kiroranke and Kikuta, who were called four great “dick” kings in the fanbook, saying that his tall and slender arms and legs ensured that he had a slender dick too.

“It is not simply about the size, but whether it is a good dick or not,” Noda said in the interview.

Furthermore, Sugimoto, Ogata, Usami, Hijikata, and Koito were all stated to have average sized penises, while Shiraishi’s was slightly smaller than the ones above.

Noda said that he gave serious thought to the question because it is what the fans wanted.

Satoru Noda’s historical manga Golden Kamuy won the grand prize in the comic division at the 51st Japanese Cartoonists Association Awards this year.

Shueisha published the last chapter of Noda’s manga in the Weekly Young Jump 22/23 merger issue on April 28, 2022, after being serialized for eight years.

The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold of the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.

An anime television series adaptation by Geno Studio aired with two seasons from April to December 2018. A third season aired from October to December 2020. A fourth season started airing in October 2022.

Source: ANN, Shueisha Online