Director Shinji Aramaki Reveals Details Of Unreleased Aliens vs. Predator Anime

Shinji Aramaki Unrelease Anime Alien Vs Predator

During the Otakon panel, which was held on July 30, 2023, acclaimed director and mechanical designer Shinji Aramaki made a surprising revelation, confirming his involvement in an unreleased Aliens vs. Predator anime series.

Shinji Aramaki Unrelease Anime Alien Vs Predator

Displaying screenshots and designs from the anime project, titled “Aliens vs. Predator: Annihilation,” Aramaki offered fans a sneak peak into the potential masterpiece that has remained unseen for years.

According to Aramaki, the anime series was completed almost seven years ago, with its origins dating back to 2015. However, despite its readiness, the series has never seen the light of day.

He then went on to share additional details about the project.

The series is set on a massive immigration ship and is said to consist of ten episodes. Aramaki, however, chose not to divulge any more specifics, leaving a sense of mystery in case the project ever receives a formal release.

On the other hand, he also showcased designs for the Alien Queen, which he personally drafted for the anime series.

Aramaki’s involvement in the anime was first hinted at when he acknowledged a recent report from IGN regarding the project on his Twitter account, where he expressed his disappointment by stating, “It was completed almost 7 years ago, and unfortunately, I don’t know why they didn’t release it“.

Shinji Aramaki is a Japanese anime director and mechanical designer from Fukuoka Prefecture. He is a leading figure in 3DCG animation in Japan.

He began his directorial career with the original video anime “Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01“. He went on to direct the 3D CG anime “Appleseed,” the world’s first 3D live anime that introduced motion capture, which had a great impact on creators not only in Japan but also around the world, and its sequel “Ex Machina“.

Source: ANN

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