Crunchyroll Reveals Winter 2024 Anime Line-Up For India

Streaming giant Crunchyroll unveiled its much-anticipated Winter 2024 anime line-up for the fans in India. The line-up includes Solo Leveling, BUCCHIGIRI?!, Metallic Rouge, MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES season 2, and many more.

Given below is a detailed list of the Winter 2024 line-up, encompassing new releases, returning and continuing series on Crunchyroll:

JAN 3, 2024:

1. Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki 2nd Stage (Project No.9)

  • Dubs include: English

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

With no written rules, the real world is hard for gamer Tomozaki Fumiya, but he’s about to get the experience he needs from a seasoned player.

JAN 5, 2024:

2. Sasaki and Peeps (SILVER LINK.)

  • Dubs include: English

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Sasaki is a middle-aged office worker living in Japan. Feeling drained by the vapid corporate world, he heads to the pet shop in search of a new companion. There he finds an adorable bird named Peeps and takes him home. But Sasaki quickly learns that Peeps isn’t your average bird…he’s a powerful mage from another world! Together, they embark on a magical adventure filled with swords and sorcery

3. The Demon Prince of Momochi House (Drive)

  • Dubs include: English
The Demon Prince of Momochi House

Crunchyroll describes the plot of the plot as:

Himari’s 16th birthday will be one she never forgets. Unexpectedly, she receives a will detailing her inheritance of a mysterious estate: the Momochi House. She arrives only to discover that the home was built on the cusp between the human world and the spiritual realm. There, she encounters Yukari, Ise, and a peculiar boy named Aoi, who seems to be concealing a shadowy secret

JAN 6, 2024:

4. Solo Leveling (A-1 Pictures)

  • Dubs include: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but that’s not the case for the world’s weakest hunter Sung Jinwoo. After being brutally slaughtered by monsters in a high-ranking dungeon, Jinwoo came back with the System, a program only he could see, that’s leveling him up in every way. Now, he’s inspired to discover the secrets behind his powers and the dungeon that spawned them.

JAN 7, 2024:

5. Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside Season 2 (Studio Flad)

  • Dubs include: English

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

A once-great Hero is now living the slow life. Red, shunned from his adventuring party, spends his days running an apothecary. He lives with his lifelong love, Princess Rit, and his sister, Ruti. They indulge in moments of bliss, like soaking in serene hot springs and enjoying delicious meals with a view. No matter what happens to the world around them, these happy moments will be unchanged.

JAN 8, 2024:

6. Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable! (SILVER LINK. and BLADE)

  • Dubs include: English, Hindi

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Snowflakes aren’t the only things dropping in Hokkaido—so are jaws, thanks to the super adorable gals who are turning the icy north into a hotbed of fashion and fun. Brace yourself for a winter storm of laughs, love, and killer outfits as these gals prove that being cute is an all-season affair. Here, frostbite meets fashionista!

JAN 9, 2024:

7. HIGH CARD Season 2 (Studio Hibari)


Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

After discovering X-Playing Cards, powerful cards that grant powers, pickpocket Finn is recruited by High Card, a secret group sworn to protect and collect them. This deck has been scattered throughout the kingdom of Fourland. Moonlighting at luxury carmaker Pinochle, this squad’s set out to play the most dangerous game of 52 pickup. But they gotta get them before rival carmaker Who’s Who!

8. Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord (Jumondou)

  • Dubs include: Hindi

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

This college kid wants nothing more than a quiet life. So when she’s reborn as Yumiella, the hidden villainess of an Otome RPG, she’s not exactly thrilled. Still yearning for peace, she abandons her evil duties to live a more discreet life. Until her gamer side kicks in and she accidentally reaches level 99! Now, everyone suspects that she’s the infamous Demon Lord. What future awaits her?

JAN 10, 2024:

9. Metallic Rouge (BONES)

  • Dubs include: English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

In a world where humans coexist with androids called Neans, a group known as the Immortal Nine rises up against society. Tasked with disposing of the revolters, a Nean named Rouge Redstar (aka Metal Rouge) and investigator Naomi Orthmann head to Mars to track them down…but first, Rouge wants some chocolate.

JAN 13, 2024:


  • Dubs include: English and Hindi

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Arajin Tomoshibi’s reunion with his old pal Matakara Asamine takes an unexpected turn when they stumble into a brawl with the toughest guys in town. And just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, a colossal genie decides to drop in. Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown. It’s the clash of the cool and the magical!

JAN 14, 2024:

11. The Fire Hunter Season 2 (Signal.MD)


Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Humanity survives in patches protected by magic in a world ruled by flame fiends after the final war. Pathogens make fire deadly, but a rumor of the returning “Flickering Flame” comet spreads. Touko, a paper village girl, and Koushi, a factory worker’s son, cross paths amid this chaos, sparking a thrilling journey toward destiny and the coveted flame of the Millennial Comet.


12. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp (MAHO FILM)


Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Making up for her sins in a past life as the evil princess Elise, Aoi Takamoto dedicates her life to saving people as a doctor. But a fatal accident cuts her atonement short and suddenly she’s back to her previous life, 10 years before her death! Will her foresight and medical brilliance help her change her past ways and heal an ailing empire, or is fate doomed to repeat itself?

13. MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES Season 2 (A-1 Pictures)

  • Dubs include: Hindi

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Born without magic in a world of wizards and witches, Mash lives hidden in the forest. He spends every day pumping iron and getting buff to defend himself against magic users. But when his cover is blown, he’s forced to go to Magic School to prove his worth. His plan? To become an elite magician, a Divine Visionary, using nothing but his ripped muscles!

14. The Witch and the Beast (Yokohama Animation Laboratory)

  • Dubs include: English

Crunchyroll describes the plot as:

Guideau is a young woman who was cursed by a witch, forced to carry a dark secret. Ashaf is a tall, soft-spoken man with a coffin strapped to his back and secrets yet untold. Together they venture across the land on their quest for vengeance. Appearances can be deceiving, and each step could be their last. In a dark fantasy filled with adventure, will unlikely heroes find the vengeance they seek?


15. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End (Madhouse)

  • New episodes on Fridays

16. The Apothecary Diaries (TOHO animation STUDIO and OLM)

  • New episodes on Saturdays

17. Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange (Brain’s Base)

  • New episodes on Saturdays

18. Shangri-La Frontier (C2C)

  • New episodes on Sundays
Shangri La Frontier

Source: Press Release

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