Animator Chansard Vincent Declares He’ll Never Work For MAPPA Again; Reveals Reason

Chansard Mappa

In a recent Twitch live stream hosted by KonohaTV, renowned animator, Chansard Vincent, disclosed his decision to sever ties with MAPPA following his involvement in Jujutsu Kaisen season 2.

The revelation was made during a discussion with fellow animator Dorian Coulon, where they delved into their careers, inspirations, and the anime industry.

Chansard Mappa

During the stream, Chansard expressed his stance against working with MAPPA, stating, “I don’t want to support a company that ideologically doesn’t care about working conditions”.

He further revealed that even Hakuyu Go, who had approached him for collaboration, shares the sentiment of not wanting to work with MAPPA anymore.

Chansard’s sentiments echoed those expressed in November 2023, where he had initially declared his decision not to collaborate with MAPPA. At that time, he mentioned that it was only Go’s request that made him consider the possibility.

Additionally, he also revealed in the Twitch stream that he will be working in-house for One Piece for the upcoming year, exciting fans with the prospect of his involvement in the new Egghead arc.

As previously revealed, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 went through a lot of production issues, primarily utterly poor scheduling by MAPPA, which forced the animators to overwork.

The situation escalated to a point where multiple JJK S2 animators put out tweets regarding this issue over the span of a single day. However, instead of just pointing out the poor working conditions, these tweets implied that they had reached a breaking point.

Chansard Vincent is a renowned animator who have worked in multiple anime projects namely Boruto, Fate/Grand Order, One Piece, and others.

Source: Twitter

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