Yoshihiro Togashi Teases Hunter x Hunter Return In His Tweet

Though the veracity of the tweet was doubted, its authenticity was vouched for by a fellow mangaka.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter author Yoshihiro Togashi opened a new twitter account and posted an update teasing that new manga chapters for Hunter x Hunter were on its way.

“Four more episodes to go,” Togashi wrote in his tweet, suggesting that the manga might get up to four new chapters.

No official confirmation regarding this has been given by either Shueisha or Shonen Jump.

Though the veracity of the tweet and the identity of the account remained dubious to begin with, the tweet started trending in no time as fans were rejoiced see the author give an update about Hunter x Hunter, which has been on a hiatus for almost four years.

However, doubts were put to rest as One Punch Man author Yusuke Murata retweeted Togashi’s post with a quote that translated to, “It was with the person himself,” which many took as a confirmation of Togashi’s identity.

The account was also followed by Shonen Jump+ editor Shihei Lin, adding more credibility to it.

Last month, a similar account had surfaced on social media which claimed to be Togashi. However, the account’s claims were debunked and it was proven to be fake.

Hunter x Hunter written and illustrated by Togashi, has been serialized in Shonen Jump since March 1998. The manga had its fair share of hiatuses since 2006. The last chapter of Hunter x Hunter released on November 2018, and has since been on a hiatus till now.

The manga’s chapters have been collected into 34 tankobon volumes.

Source: Twitter

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