#YameteKudasai Trends As An Erotic Term In English-Speaking Countries

The most notable instance of this trend is a YouTube video of a cat shrieking "yamete kudasai" in an ahegao voice.

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For some reason, a harmless Japanese phrase “やめてください(Yamete kudasai)” has become a trending hashtag on the internet for everything sexual. The most notable instance of this trend is a YouTube video of a cat shrieking “yamete kudasai” in an ahegao voice.

Gone are the days of the Game of Thrones cat

This video has more than 3.8million views! #yametekudasai has become a “ソッチ系(lit: socchi-kei)” meaning “a dangerous term” especially in English speaking countries. Such words are mostly used among yakuza or any “unspoken” jobs.

The phrase “yamete kudasai” generally means ” please stop”. In Japanese animation, manga and games the speaker says this phrase to the listener in a way to stop an action. And speaking of actions, the most popular genre that uses this phrase is “Hentai”.

The most shocking way to reveal this trend is a simple google image search typing ” yamete kudasai”. This will unveil a barrage of ahegao faces!

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In twitter, #yametekudasai is used by users to potraysomething lewd or related to the Hentai culture.

While this is an interesting development, we wonder how the people in Japan would react to this? Probably put out more doujins? Too much? Fine…

Source: Otakumu

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  • The phrase “yamete kudasai”is way too sexualized days though its meaning is simply “please stop it”, In the language of Japanese. Come what when , it’s mentioned in “Hentai” whilst representing something lewd or crude. Thus the phrase “yamete kudasai” is sexualized due to its popularity in “Hentai”resulting to a become a trend on the internet.

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