Writer Jun Maeda Leaves Twitter Following Criticism Of His Smartphone Game’s Event Story

Jun Maeda Left Twitter

Japanese writer Jun Maeda, who is known for his work on Clannad, Air and Angel Beats among others, deleted his twitter account recently following criticism from fans regarding an event story in his smartphone game Heaven Burns Red.

Fans were of the opinion that the latest event story from the game, which runs till Jan 31, 2022, had become boring. Some found it hard to believe that Maeda was the one who actually scripted the event and called it the “worst writing in the game so far”.

The writer responded to the criticisms, and apologized for not being good enough.

“It was me who wrote it. I’ve looked it up, and it seems that this is the worst-reviewed event story so far. I am very sorry about that,” one of his responses read.

A day after he put out these tweets, Maeda deleted his twitter account.

The event story in question follows Squad 31A’s survival training on a deserted island.

This isn’t first time the author has left the social media platform. He had previously disappeared from the eyes of the public when the anime The Day I Became God was being broadcast. Maeda had written the script for the anime. The anime too, like the event story from the game, was a recipient of negative reviews.

The backlash put him under a lot of stress, with Maeda claiming that he would never write a story for an anime again. All the criticism from fans also made him contemplate suicide.

He remained off twitter for a while and only began posting regular updates from February 2022, around the time Heaven Burns Red released.

Heaven Burns Red is a free-to-play mobile action game co-developed by WFS, inc. and Key, which is a visual novel studio co-founded by Maeda. It was released on Feb 10, 2022 for iOS and Android in Japan. The game is also available on Steam. It is Jun Maeda’s first completely new game in 15 years as main scenario writer.

The story takes place in a world where the Earth is being attacked by mysterious extraterrestrial life forms called “Cancer.” Cancer are immune to any kind of weapon and have been forcing humanity to abandon most of the Earth’s surface. Left with little time before they face extinction, humanity successfully created a weapon to take on Cancer known as “Seraph.” Humanity gathered those who had mastered the art of manipulating Seraphs and established “Seraph Corps” as their last hope. Those who could manipulate Seraphs have one thing in common: they are all girls. One of them is Ruka Kayamori, who finds herself thrown into the war against Cancer.

Source: ANN

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