World’s Largest Cinema Hall Plans To Screen Luffy’s Gear 5 Episodes From One Piece

Le Grand Rex, the world’s largest cinema hall, which is located in Paris, France, recently put out a tweet claiming that they have planned to organize an event for the One Piece community.

The tweet stated that the Le Grand Rex adores the One Piece community and are doing everything they can to organize an event.

You know very well that we adore the #OnePiece community and that we will always do everything to organize events at the #GrandRex!

By the way, something is planned soon…. Just saying….

Le Grand Rex’s tweet

The tweet was put out by the cinema hall after a twitter user Inoxtag (@Inoxtag) successfully carried out a retweet campaign requesting Le Grand Rex to screen Luffy’s Gear 5 episodes from One Piece anime.

“Hello @LeGrandRex, how many retweets do you need to screen the One Piece Gear 5 episode in theaters? I have nothing to lose anymore,” the user’s tweet read.

The cinema hall had responded to the user saying that they would think about screening the episodes if the tweet crossed 5000 retweets.

At the time of writing this article, the original tweet had garnered over 11.2k retweet.

This has led many fans to assume that the event that Le Grand Rex is planning is actually a screening for the One Piece Gear 5 episodes.

According to sources online, two gear 5 episodes are reportedly under works at Toei Animation. Rumors were swirling that Warner Bros had be roped into work on the animation of Luffy’s latest power up. However, these rumors were squashed pretty quickly.

The Gear 5 episodes are expected release this year, probably by the end of July at the earliest.

Le Grand Rex’s great hall can seat 2700 people and features a grand screen which is 24.9 meters wide and 11.35 meters high.

Source: Twitter

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