World Trigger Season 3 To Air From October 2021

The season will be broadcast on TV Asahi.

World trigger

The official Twitter account of World Trigger revealed that TV Asahi will broadcast World Trigger Season 3 from this October.

The franchise had announced ‘World Trigger’ Season 3 during the Jump Festa ’21 in December 2020; even before Season 2 started airing. They announced the news of the new season on the stage event at AnimeJapan in March 2021.

Today, a Twitter post confirmed that the new season will come in October revealing voice actors Tomo Muranaka, Yuki Kaji, and Nobunaga Shimazaki who will play Yuma Kuga, Osamu Mikumo, and a new character Hyuse respectively.

Daisuke Ashihara’s World Trigger is a Japanese manga series that was initially serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from February 2013 to November 2018. Later, Jump Square started serializing it in December 2018. Shueisha compiled its chapters into 23 tankōbon volumes as of February 2021. In North America, Viz Media licensed the manga for its English release.

Toei Animation produced an anime television series adaptation which aired on TV Asahi from October 2014 to April 2016. A second season aired from January to April 2021.

Wikipedia describes the plot as,

One day a gate to another world opened in Mikado City. This entities of the other world, called Neighbors, sent out an invasion force that overran the area surrounding the gate. Given the technological superiority of the Neighbors, the destruction of the city seemed only a matter of time. But then suddenly Border appeared in the town, an organization that researches the technology of the Neighbors to protect this side of the gate. In a short time they built a huge base and became established as the line of defense against the Neighbors. One day a student named Yūma transfers to the same middle-school class as Osamu, a teenager who belongs to Border. He has a weapon called Trigger that is only allowed to be possessed by people in Border, and claims to have come from beyond the gate.

Source: Twitter

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