WIT STUDIO Will Hold A Year-Long Event To Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

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WIT STUDIO, the animation production company that has handled anime like “Attack On Titan” and Vinland Saga will execute a year-long project to commemorate their 10th Anniversary on 1st June, 2022. The “WIT STUDIO 10th Anniversary Year Project” will include, live broadcast interviews, production material exhibition, drawing courses etc.

They will have the cooperation and support of companies like Movic Co. Ltd. and Pixiv Inc., for the events throughout the year, starting from June 2021 to May 2022.

The official event announced so far is a “WIT STUDIO 10th Anniversary Online Talk Show #1” on June 13th, 2021. In this event, they will have an interview with animation producer Tetsuya Nakatake and animator Kyoji Asano about the 10 years since its establishment. Director of “Kabaneri no Iron Fortress” Tetsuro Araki will also join as a guest.

Apart from the talk show, the special site dedicated for the celebration also mentions events like “PIXIV UP” from July 2021 where a live broadcast will be held once every month till December 2021. In this broadcast, participants can improve their illustration techniques using the theme of WIT STUDIO works! Professional animators and creators will supervise and give constructive comments for the submitted works.

Furthermore, they will also give a chance to make original merchandise using PIXIV Factory materials and services. This will be open for one whole year. The official dates for these projects are not public yet.

This “WIT STUDIO 10th Anniversary Year Project” is a gesture from the Studio as thank you to all the fans who have supported them for so long.

For more information on the project : “WIT STUDIO 10th Anniversary Year Project”

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