Who Will Become The 8th Hokage In Boruto? Explained

Who will become the 8th Hokage

With the recent developments in the manga, the Boruto series is hinting towards the sad future of Naruto and Sasuke. Thus, creating a question in everybody’s mind who will become the next Hokage? As the series progresses there are only a handful people who can take up the mantle. But first,

What Are The Requirements To Become A Hokage?

“It isn’t that if you become Hokage, everyone will acknowledge you. It’s the ones who are acknowledged that can become Hokage”. This quote by Itachi still holds true. So, whom do people acknowledge? People acknowledge those who win their trust and is capable of protecting them. Naruto did that despite being just a genin. Other characters who receive such adoration by the people are Shikamaru, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Hiashi, and to some extent Konohamaru. So, out of these who will become Hokage?

Will Shikamaru become the 8th Hokage?

Shikamaru 8th Hokage

One of the highly probable candidates to become Hokage. He is strong, he has proven his leadership skills during a war. His tactical brain and ability to analyze situations and create backup plans have been his biggest assets. He can lead the village to a better future and further strengthen it. If it wasn’t for Naruto’s immense power, Shikamaru will have been the 7th Hokage. His superior intellect is such a valuable asset to Konoha that despite Naruto’s God-like powers he depends on Shikamaru to look after the administration. Whereas, Naruto focuses majorly on security and strengthening military might. Thus, making Shikamaru the most ideal candidate for Hokage.

Verdict: Yes, He Will Become The 8th Hokage.

Will Ino Become The 8th Hokage?

Ino 8th Hokage

A weird choice but hear me out, she has proven her mettle in war. She alone without any device amplifying her chakra linked the entire Shinobi army during the 4th Ninja war. She also performed mind-swap jutsu multiple times in a single day. During the war, she was able to control Juubito for some time, an unparalleled feat. Not to forget her current feats in Boruto, she singlehandedly looks over the security of the village through her sensory abilities. She leads the entire sensory division and is doing a great job. Thus. displaying her leadership skills. So she can be a potential candidate for becoming Hokage. However, the competition against her is pretty strong. She can’t fight a villain alone, let alone protect people. Her physical weakness will be her downfall and she heavily relies on Shikamaru for strategizing. Hence, there are fewer chances that she can become a Hokage.

Verdict: She can if Shikamaru, Sakura, Konohamaru and Shino die before her.

Will Hinata Become The 8th Hokage?

Hinata 8th Hokage

Hinata, again a weird choice but a potential candidate. She too, like Ino has proven her strength in battle. She fought several Zetsu’s alone and even able to merge her Lion Fists with Hyuga Palm Style. Also, after Hiashi retires it is Hinata who will lead the Hyuga clan. Thus displaying her leadership skills.

Even though she lost her brother she put Naruto on the right track and made sure he did not lose focus and hope. It is due to this feat they were able to stop Obito. Post-war and marriage, Hinata still goes on missions, as stated in the novels. In addition, she possesses the Hamura chakra as displayed during Naruto The Last Movie. Thus, making her extremely powerful.

Although, she ticks all the criteria, there is a lesser chance of her, herself wanting to become the Hokage. For starters, we don’t know how she will react if Naruto dies or gets sealed away. In case if something bad does happen to Naruto she will want focus on her children’s safety.

Verdict: She will give up the offer of becoming the Hokage

Will Sakura Become the 8th Hokage?

Sakura 8th Hokage

If Shikamaru has a 99.99% chance of becoming the Hokage then Sakura has a 99.98% chance of becoming one herself. She is super strong, probably, the only human alive who can come close to Naruto and Sasuke in terms of power. She is a great leader as seen during the war arc. Sakura also heads the medic division and is a follower of Tsunade’s. Hence, she can heal and fight at the same time. Her Byakugou mode is almost close in power level to KCM Naruto.

She has precise Chakra control that makes her immune to most of the genjutsu. Her physical strength surpasses Tsunade and since she’s young she expends less chakra on her looks. Sakura also surpasses her in medical ninjutsu. Without her expertise in the field, Naruto would have died during the war. Also, against Kaguya, it was her who landed the decisive blow allowing Naruto and Sasuke to seal Kaguya.

Also, during the events of Naruto The Last, it was her who saved Naruto’s life once again after Toneri depletes him of his huge chakra reserves. Not to forget, she is the smartest student of her batch. Meaning, she knows the working of the system and capable of being a good administrator. A quality necessary to become Hokage.

Focusing on her physical powers more, she fought against a horde of Shin Uchiha and was holding her own against all of them. Not to forget, Shin was using multiple Sharingan against Sakura.

Despite having so many feats under her belt, fans tend to follow sheep mentality and look down upon her character development.

Verdict: Sakura can become the 8th Hokage

Will Konohamaru become the 8th Hokage?

konohamaru 8th Hokage

One of the most obvious choices if Naruto and Sasuke kick the bucket. However, Konohamaru is still young and is yet to prove his mettle in a war. He may be famous amongst some young girls but the village higher-ups are yet to warm up to him. The only reason which I can see why he can become Hokage is that IF he’s stronger than the previous generation who are still in their prime. And that is a big IF considering, we have Sakura, Hinata and Shikamaru on the list. Now, some may disagree with Hinata being on the list as she’s a housewife, I will clear this up further ahead. Let us focus on Konohamaru now.

In the manga too, Kishimoto is currently ignoring Konohamaru and after his last fight, his whereabouts are unknown. This could mean either Kishimoto doesn’t want to focus on Konohamaru or the upcoming fights are so huge that being a Hokage will be a trivial matter. All in all, Konohamaru can become the next Hokage depending on the following points:

  1. He outshines most of the adults in the battle against Otsutsuki villains.
  2. He proves his mettle in war and displays tremendous leadership qualities just like Kakashi.

For him to prove himself, he’ll have to first resurface in the manga. And when he does he will still not get the chance to take up the Hokage mantle. As the higher-ups and the villagers will look up to Shikamaru or Sakura to take up the mantle.

Verdict: Konohamaru cannot be the 8th Hokage, may be 9th, but not 8th.

Will Sarada become the 8th Hokage?

Sarada Not 8th Hokage

Ever since the beginning of Boruto, Sarada had a dream of becoming the Hokage. She has ranted about this dream of hers to almost everyone we know. But despite fans having a soft corner for the new leading lady, she is less likely to become the 8th Hokage. Here’s why, she is inexperienced and by the time she gains experience there will be characters like Shikamaru, Sakura and Konohamaru surpassing her. Sarada is yet to achieve her true potential.

Also, if Sasuke and Naruto do die, the grief of losing her father and ideal might put her on a darker path, thanks to the curse of the Uchiha. She could also be the perpetrator as to why Boruto goes on a darker path as well. So there’s no saying in which direction will Sarada plant her foot. Although, with the help of her mother, Sarada might stick to the correct path and eventually become a Hokage. Except, she won’t be the 8th maybe 9th or 10th.

Verdict: Sarada can become the Hokage but not 8th, maybe 9th or 10th.

Do you guys approve of this list? If not let us know why in the comments below.

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