who we are

Animehunch was founded with a simple objective at its core. We aim to be an Online Media company that can solve all doubts and queries of global animanga fans related to their favorite series. But that is a very simple way of putting it.

Spoiler Tag: This Will be lengthy.

As a blog, Animehunch mainly focuses on theories and speculations related to anime and manga. Other than that we also put out our opinions on interesting topics revolving around the animanga fandom. It goes without saying that you should definitely not miss them!

While Animehunch’s aim is to be the go-to website that answers all questions related to anime, we understand it is still a long way off. But, we are dedicatedly working towards this goal, writing on a handful of series, to begin with. 

Currently We Are Focusing On

>> Jujutsu Kaisen

>> My Hero Academia

>> Attack On Titan

>> Dragon Ball Universe

>> Naruto/Boruto Universe

>> Re:Zero

From understanding the complex reasonings behind Zeke’s actions and unravelling mysteries in the world of Re:Zero to appreciating the foreshadowing in Noragami and speculating what might happen to Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen, we try to cover every angle of these series.

We make sure that our posts are backed by solid facts from the Manga, Novels, Fanbooks, etc that are available for the series. Looking for minute details is something we love doing here at Animehunch. This helps us come up with highly accurate (ok sometimes horrendously wrong too, but let’s keep that a secret) theories and speculations. Our tinfoil theories are our pride!!  

How Were We Formed ?

Animehunch came into being when 4 weeb friends decided to take their passion for anime and combine it with the business acumen. Well to be brutally honest, it was more wishful thinking and less business acumen.

We realized that there was a gap in the content that was being produced to satiate the burning doubts that animanga fandom had. Fast forward one year, and Animehunch Private Limited was born.

As founding members, we intend to make sure that we stay true to the idea and passion that led to the inception of Animehunch. Giving something back to the community is our main motto!!!

The Team

Rohit Nair

Content Manager

A connoisseur of Tokyo Ghoul and Noragami manga (self-proclaimed of course). He has covered a large number of anime and manga which ranges from the famous Attack on Titan, to lesser-known ones like Omoide Emanon. Spearheading the Content Department, Rohit manages every article that goes on the blog. 

Sunil Samel

He’s better known as ‘pissedfries’ across all our social media platforms and community platforms. Not once did we see anyone calling him by his real name within the community. With this, you must have guessed what he does. Yes, he handles all our social media accounts and is the face of Animehunch within the community.

Tushar Nikam

An otaku with a creative flair and keen business acumen. Tushar heads the graphic department as well as manages the operations of Animehunch. Being a Dragon Ball fan, we always see Tushar unlocking new forms every time the rest of the team pushes the budget limit or when loads of new graphic images are dumped on him.

Dewang Ruke

Content Manager

A die-hard fan of the Big 3 who has watched hundreds of anime and read equivalent or more manga and counting. At the helm of handling the Advertising, Marketing, and PR of Animehunch, Dewang takes care that our brand reaches you to solve every query that arises in your mind.

For Indian Audiences

As the founding members of Animehunch are from India, they wish to give something back to the community. As a company, we aim to spearhead into the Indian anime industry faster than Mumbai’s Local Train! We aim to become the next Shueisha or Kodansha for India.

In future, Animehunch is planning to venture into providing a content platform for upcoming artists in India. More information about this will be revealed in time. 

Until then,

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