Who Killed Delta in Boruto?

Delta in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Delta caught Boruto fans by surprise after she daringly challenged Naruto Uzumaki to fight her head-on. Confident and arrogant, Delta reeks of evil intentions. We all expected her to be a formidable opponent as she’s one of the inners of the Kara organization. However, things took quite a few turns since the moment she entered Konoha, both for her and Konoha! In this article, we’ll explain her fate in the Boruto manga, as it unclear as to who killed Delta in Boruto? So without further adieu, let’s jump right into it.

Note: This article contains major spoilers from the manga, read at your own discretion!

Does Naruto Defeat/Kill Delta? 

After Delta ignored Kashin Koji’s warning about entering Konoha, the cyborg charged in towards Naruto instantly. While she managed to keep Naruto on his toes for most of the fight as Naruto had to hold back, she stoops down and uses Himawari as bait to have a good chance of hitting the Seventh Hokage with her “Destructive Beam”. However, Kawaki saved the day for his new family, leaving Delta to face the wrath of an enraged Naruto.

After a short hand-to-hand combat, Naruto pummelled Delta into the ground and had to fight her way against a Giant Rasengan at a point-blank range; drilling Delta further into the ground as her eyes fail to absorb the jutsu.

Naruto overpowers Delta in Boruto

Even though Naruto overwhelmed Delta, he made sure to not kill her off, as the information she could provide would be very important. However, Delta had other plans! She self-destructed her body in an attempt to wipe off all the intel along with Naruto and the others! 

So, Is Delta dead in Boruto?

While Delta did self-destruct, there’s no way that an inner would die so easily, right? In fact, Delta seemed to have this strategy planned since the beginning! The drone which the cyborg used to scout an area is connected to her consciousness; meaning it has all of Delta’s consciousness saved in it! So basically, Naruto isn’t the one who killed Delta in Boruto?

Let’s find out.

In chapter 34 of the manga, Delta’s drone returned to Kara Organisation’s base. There, it lands on a platform that might have been specially made for the drone, and there were three clones of Delta, one on each side of the platform! After a few moments, one of the Delta’s smashed through her cabinet! This is possible as Delta’s body is completely artificial, i.e. made of scientific tools.

Delta revived by Amado
This makes it possible for her to “die” endless times. However, one body out of three was already missing, meaning that it was her “original” body. 

As soon as she woke up, Delta threw a fit of rage and was already marching her way back to Konoha, to kill Naruto. She’s too over-confident at this point, there’s no saving her as Naruto would just squash her again. However, Jigen stops her. Furthermore, if we consider the reactions of the insiders of Kara, it seems like Delta’s resurrection is a rare occasion.

So, She’s alive, right? She can just keep doing this process over and over again! Well, we don’t think so! From its looks, Kara can only afford to have three Deltas, as making a whole body of a person using scientific tools doesn’t seem to be wallet-friendly. Moreover, if her opponents were to destroy the drone, then there’s no way for her to be resurrected again!

Nonetheless, it seems like Delta’s fate was to never live for long. After Delta’s invasion, Kara took a big leap as Jigen sealed Naruto and critically injured Sasuke, which ensued from Jigen’s decision to visit Kawaki directly. While Jigen was almost successful in defeating his threats, his body took serious damage as well, since Jigen was a vessel himself. 

While Jigen recovered, Amado was leaving the base for some reason. It was then revealed that he is not allowed to leave the base unless he has Jigen’s permission. If Amado were to leave without permission, then it would be considered mutiny!
Get it? Yes! That’s right! Amado is actually a traitor! Just before he was going to leave for Konoha using Kashin Koji’s summoned Steam Toad, Delta interfered. The cyborg stated that Jigen had put her on duty to ensure that everything was normal in the base while he’s recovering.

Amado betrays Kara and puts Delta to sleep
Amado used a shutdown command on Delta even before she could make her move, and left her unconscious for an indefinite amount of time.


Delta is one of the inners of the Kara organization. She fought Naruto after entering Konoha and going for Kawaki directly. While she held her own against the Hokage for a while, she stepped on a mine by using Himawari as bait, resulting in Naruto completely overwhelming her with a Giant Rasengan.

Consequently, the cyborg self-destructed her body in order to protect information about Kara and hopefully damage Naruto and the others. This shows Naruto isn’t the one who killed Delta in Boruto. While you may believe that Delta dies, it turns out that her drone is connected to her consciousness and has all of Delta’s data! Delta can be resurrected again using another artificial body created by Amado through her drone.
However, Amado planned to commit mutiny and leave Kara’s base but Delta noticed this. Refusing to let it slide, she decided to fight Amado and Kashin Koji. In return, the cyborg was put to sleep using a shutdown command by Amado before she could do anything. 

With that said, Delta’s condition isn’t as simple as many expected it to be, right? With constant twists and turns to the story, Delta became an integral part of the arc, acting as a catalyst for Kara’s aggressive strategy. 

So, what do you think of Delta’s death? Let us know in the comments below! 

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