ichigo true bankai explained!! what are his bankai forms?

Ichigo bankai forms were always used to compare his power level amongst his fellow Bleach character as well as from other anime. This has led to many heated battles amongst fans on various platforms. So before knowing about Ichigo's true bankai let's first know his bankai forms. 

Ichigo's bankai First form


This bankai was first revealed by Ichigo in his fight against Byakuya during the Soul Society/ Rukia rescue arc. Unable to match Byakuya’s speed in his Shikai form Ichigo gave us one of the most iconic moments in Anime history. This bankai although fast does not have enough fire power. It could barely win against Byakuya who was toying with Ichigo. It failed to kill a certain “Jaguar” and it also failed to successfully defeat Ulquoirra. Despite its incredible speed it is still the weakest form of Ichigo's Bankai.

Ichigo's bankai second form


After Ichigo lost his powers after using Mugetsu against Aizen, he turned desperate to fight and protect people. This desperation led him to Ginjo who taught him how to use Fullbring powers. Fullbring powers help humans whose parents have survived Hollow attacks before to be able to manipulate souls of all things in existence. For eg, chair, table, tea, water, air etc. Using these souls they can tap into the powers of the hollows their parents survived from. In this his Bankai sword isn’t a straight long sword but is curved and has slight perforation for dealing more damage, if stabbed and pulled. Also, his reiatsu reaches a new heights.

Ichigo's bankai true form


This  true form is called the ‘Horn Of Salvation‘. This is the form which Aizen and Ulquoirra wanted to achieve beyond Hollowfication. Thus, achieving Aizen’s dream of making a perfect being. In this form, Ichigo brings his swords together and fuses them to reveal a huge white and black sword with a chain joining the hilt and the top of the sword. In his true bankai form, Ichigo’s speed outmatches anything we have ever seen before. And Yhwach who has absorbed God and can change reality at any point deemed it dangerous enough to break it as soon as he saw it. This is enough to prove how strong Ichigo really is. The new sword is designed to take down big foes and is huge enough to slice through anything.

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