Voice Acting Agency Object Inc. Dissolves Management Abruptly

The company will dissolve its operations by the end of March.

Talent agency Object Inc. announced on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, that the company will dissolve its operations by the end of March.

Naoki Yoshimura, CEO of Object Inc. noted in the announcement that they’ve come to the decision to dissolve the agency after examining the current situation “from various angles” and coming to the conclusion that they will not be able to provide responsible management for its talent in the near future.

However, The agency aims to support its voice actors in transitioning to other agencies or going independent hereafter.

“We apologize for the sudden announcement. It is a business that we have been engaged in where we are entrusted with the life of the actors, but after thinking from various angles, we have decided to terminate it. From now on we will only keep supporting the actors who were registered at Object and wish for their success.

We sincerely apologize for making this decision for the actors who were enrolled and for everyone who supported us,” said Yoshimura.

The news surprised many people, including the voice actors affiliated with the agency.

Riko Kohara, who played Rokka Asahi in BanG Dream! commented on her Twitter account expressing her confusion soon after her agency posted the notice without prior information.

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Another voice actor, Neo Tanaka, who mainly voiced for video games namely Gothic was Mahou Otome and Knights Chronicle gave a similar impression about the sudden announcement.

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Object Inc. is a Japanese entertainment agency and sound production company which was established on Nov 11, 2008. In addition to voice actor management, games, and animation sound production and casting, they also conduct planning and production (sound, shooting, broadcasting, web, etc.), web promotion work, and training of creators.

The company name “object” is a philosophical term meaning “objective”.

Source: Oricon, Object Twitter