Veteran Dragon Ball Director To Leave Toei Animation This Year

The director will put up a new tweet when it's time to announce his new work.

Yoshihiro Ueda

Veteran director Yoshihiro Ueda revealed in his tweet on Oct 6, 2022, that he will be leaving Toei Animation at the end of this year.

Ueda was affiliated with Toei for 38 years, beginning from the time he was a freelancer.

“At the end of this year, I will be leaving Toei Animation, which I have been a part of for 38 years,” Ueda wrote in his tweet.

The director added that he is sad, as he won’t be able to get involved in Dragon Ball anime, “that raised him,” going forward.

Ueda’s time at Toei began with his involvement in the production of Dr. Slump. He then went to helm over a 100 episodes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z anime. He also directed numerous movies and special episodes of the franchise.

Yoshihiro Ueda

His latest association with Toei was in Dragon Quest: Adventures of Dai, for which he directed numerous episodes.

Ueda wrote that he will put up a new tweet when it’s time to announce his new work.

The director has also worked on episodes of One Piece, Pretty Cure, Ultimate Muscle, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo among others.

Source: Twitter

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