Under Ninja Anime To Broadcast In 2023

8th volume of the manga released on Aug 5.

Under Ninja

Kodansha’s Weekly Young magazine announced on their official Twitter account on Aug 5, that the anime adaptation of Kengo Hanazawa’s Under Ninja manga will air sometime in 2023. Exact date is yet to be revealed.

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The 8th volume of Under Ninja manga was also released on Aug 5, 2022.

Under Ninja anime was announced along with the sixth volume release in September 2021.

Under Ninja is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kengo Hanazawa. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine since July 2018.

The plot of the manga is described as:

The ninja organization in Japan, which once flourished, was dismantled by the GHQ after the Pacific War and disappeared. However, the ninja still exist in secret, and it is said that there are 200,000 of them living in Japan today, hiding and working in the dark in the public and private sectors and in all kinds of organizations. While some of the elite ninja work behind the scenes in national level conflicts, the ninja at the end of the line are often unable to find work. One of them, Kuro Kumogakure, who is living the life of a NEET, receives a serious “ninja assignment,” an order from his superiors to infiltrate a high school with the latest equipment.

Source: Twitter

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