Uncle Roger Faces Copyright Strike By Toei Over One Piece Food Review

Nigel Ng, the popular comedian and YouTuber known for his online persona, “Uncle Roger,” has recently found himself embroiled in a copyright issue with Toei Animation. The issue centres around his latest video release titled “Uncle Roger Review ONE PIECE Japanese Curry”.

In this particular video, Uncle Roger reviews the cooking scene from One Piece anime’s episode 133, titled “A Recipe Handed Down! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry!,” which revolves around Taijo, a probationary chef employed by the Marines, who attempts to cook a curry dinner for the Marine Captains, with some assistance from Sanji.

The video showcases Uncle Roger’s trademark witty commentary, and he highlights the authentic and detailed portrayal of the cooking process in the anime. However, despite all these, Toei Animation issued a copyright strike against the video.

Following the strike, Uncle Roger took to his YouTube community page to share a screenshot of the it, along with a message that urged the audience to watch the video if they haven’t, as it will be removed from the platform in 5 days.

Haiyaaa Uncle Roger got copyright striked and YouTube is removing my latest weejio (One Piece review) from the platform in 5 days…

If you haven’t watched it yet, go watch and share it now before it’s gone 😢.”

Uncle roger gets copyright striked by Toei

This isn’t the first time Toei is striking down a video. They have been taking down videos on Youtube that have used their content, and it came to light when YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick came forward saying his videos were taken down by YouTube based on a complaint by Toei.

Source: ANN

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