TV Tokyo Holding Is In Profits Due To Naruto & Yu-Gi-Oh!

The stable performance was due to growth in anime distribution and animation along with broadcasting.

TV Tokyo Holding announced finance reports of its second quarter of FY ending in March 2023 and the company has seen stable rise in sales and profits.

Sales were 71.32 billion yen (+0.6%), operating profit was 4.737 billion yen (+5.1%), ordinary profit was 4.939 billion yen (+3.0%), and net income was 3.292 billion yen (+8.4%). Thus recording a record high for the company.

The stable performance was due to growth in anime distribution and animation along with broadcasting.

The rights selling department was 54:46 by the end of first half of FY March 2023. The rights business includes animation, distribution, and events.

Based on these results, the company has reserved 20 billion yen for growth investment in animation and distribution for the next 3 years.

It will invest additional 13 billion yen for 3 years for content production with the aim of broadcasting and distributing it globally.

The anime business continues to perform well with majority of sales and gross profit are reigned in by Naruto, Boruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon & Bleach.

Sales through the second quarter were 10.069 billion yen, up 25.3% YoY. Especially, overseas sales increased by 31.1% to 8.147 billion yen.

With distribution sales to China and merchandising rights licensing for “NARUTO” to North America are growing.

Whereas, Yu-Gi-Oh! series games performed well both in Japan and overseas. Domestic sales were 1.922 billion yen, up 5.6%. For the full year, the animation business is forecasted to generate 18.688 billion yen.

Sales in the Rights business, which includes animation, distribution, and events, rose 23.2% to 15.117 billion yen, far exceeding the overall sales growth rate. Operating profit was also up 32.6% to 6.377 billion yen.

Source: Animation Business Info

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