Toxic Comments From Fans Forced Jun Maeda To Quit Writing

He also contemplated about hanging himself.

Jun Maeda

Jun Maeda, a popular Japanese writer-composer revealed in two tweets from his alternate account Low_Guy (@jun_lowguy) in December that he will give up writing stories completely and dedicate himself to composing music.

The day after Maeda posted the first tweet he declared that he will no longer associate himself with any scripts or stories of anime, but will continue to compose songs as he did before with series like KAGINADO and Summer Pocket.

maeda 2

The tweet translates to:

From now on I will only contribute songs to anime projects, but nothing else. “KAGINADO” and other projects have been well received for it, and you can enjoy the upcoming “Summer Pockets” animation without worry! If “Heaven Burns Red” becomes an anime, I’ll leave it to the professionals. I will continue to do only the original work, like the old days.

In the first tweet, Maeda expressed that he had to deal with a lot of negative comments in his surroundings in the recent few months where he was advised to give up writing, despised, and even scorned to quit Key/Visual Arts. When he was at his wit’s end he even thought of self-destruction.

maeda 1

The tweet translates to:

Stop writing, retire, quit Key/Visual Arts, let the production get rid of this guy, et cetera. Even on New Year and birthdays, I felt like a punching bag for comments like these. This year(2021) was so hard to bear that I even thought about hanging myself… For now, I will try to survive until February of next year

In a recent tweet from Jan 31, 2022, it was known that the writer has made it to February but he is still unsure what the future will hold for him.

maeda 3

The writer disappeared from social media for a few months until recently, since some admirers both inside and outside of Japan harshly criticized the production of the original anime Kamisama ni Natta Hi (The Day I Became a God). It aired during the Fall-2020 (October-December) season and was produced by Key, Aniplex, and PA WORKS. It was accused of having a “decadent script.”

Jun Maeda is a Japanese writer and co-founder of the visual novel brand Key under Visual Arts. He is considered a pioneer of “nakige” visual novels, and has mainly contributed as a scenario writer, lyricist, and musical composer for the games the company produces.

Before forming Key, Maeda worked for the company Tactics where he had a hand in the creation of two games for that company, Moon and One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e. After forming Key, Maeda has put much work into such titles as Kanon, Air, Clannad, Little Busters!, Angel Beats!, Charlotte, Summer Pockets, and The Day I Became a God. He is also the author of a manga series titled Hibiki’s Magic.

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