Top 10 Romance Anime Of 2020 That You Should Watch!


2020 was an unfortunate year. It was just like getting hit by a truck out of nowhere or getting stuck in a bush with your panty showing (ok ignore the Uzaki chan reference, please?). But for strange Rom-com animes, the year just seemed to be right. It covered a variety of situations with brand new concepts taken from real-life issues shown through eccentric characters. Certainly a year of love and craziness!

Here we are with Top 10 Romance anime of 2020 to aid your (single) life:

10. Science fell in love, so i tried to prove it

Studios: Zero-G

The last anime in our list of top romance anime for the year 2020 is much like Kaguya-sama. However, instead of the merciless battles, these MCs go balls deep in proving if they love each other through science and experimentation. Himuro Ayame and Yukimura Shinya have feelings for each other. But as they are huge science nerds, they don’t believe in the feelings of love. According to them, feelings are not real but science is; so they start to analyze the signs of love and related emotions. We follow them while they conduct research on love and how to recognize the signs of love. 

This anime is not a hardcore harem or ecchi, and thus not a cuppa for all. But if you are thoroughly interested in the science of love, go on have fun watching it!

9. A Whisker away

Studios: Studio Colorido

A furry love story with a sprinkle of surrealism and fantasy; A Whisker Away is a good escape from the norm and easily finds a spot in our top romance anime of 2020.

Miyo Sasaki is a typical lively middle schooler with a crush on her classmate Kento. While Miyo is unable to get Kento’s attention as herself, she manages to succeed by interacting with him in the form of a white cat, affectionately nicknamed “Tarou” by Kento. But Miyo soon realizes that she can’t help Kento with the various problems she overhears in her cat form and is now caught between two tough choices. Will she continue her relationship with him as a cat, or will she reveal her identity and risk what they have, in order to help him as her human self?

8. Uzaki chan wants to hangout!


Studios: ENGI

At the epitome of 2020’s anime controversies, we have Hana Uzaki, from Uzaki chan wants to hang out. The character got popular and talked over for being featured in the blood donation campaign of the Japanese Red Cross Society; who usually use anime characters as an aid to overcome trypanophobia.

As for the anime, Shinichi Sakurai is a university student, who spends all his days alone enjoying the hikikomori life, until Hana Uzaki, her cute, but annoying kōhai, appeared, who refuses to leave him alone and wants to spend time with him by constantly poking fun and bothering him, going out to all kinds of places and living situations of all kinds with him. This led to that and they fall in love. An energetic SoL with a controversial MC is what you need if you are alone and bored.

7. Rent a girlfriend

Studios: TMS Entertainment

Rent a girlfriend is a great choice for romance anime if you love simp jokes or fap jokes. Kidding. This anime is a modern approach to the genre of “romance”. In the modern era, we youngsters are always on our damn phones, and this series realizes that. The premise of the anime spawned because of a rental app for girlfriends!

The basic theme of the anime is built upon the modern-day struggles and genuinely stupid romance nets people tangle themselves in trying to get into a relationship. And the hilarious conversations between characters via texting apps at a never-before-seen relatability is something for us to enjoy. Rent-a-girlfriend stands out for its cringe-factor, but it’s also one of the better romance anime of 2020. Make sure to give it a chance!

6. Sing “Yesterday” for me

Studios: Doga Kobo

Sing Yesterday for me (Yesterday wo Uttate) works with a dark queer theme of “letting go of the past.” If the feeling of love is only one-sided, even friendship is in danger. This alone is enough to make this anime feature in everyone’s must-watch romance list from 2020.

Our protagonist Rikuo is also affected by this and experiences how difficult and uncomfortable it can be. Initially, without big goals and dreams, he continues to develop with the help of his friends. He really loves his old college female friend Shinako but she had a sad past and lost the person she loves the most. She isn’t sure about her future…in the meantime, we also get to know Haru, our energetic and happy girl. She loves Rikuo and is willing to do everything for him.

Everyone reaches crossroads in their life. You have nowhere to go but forward, but you hesitate. Which road will you take? Who will you meet at the intersection before moving on?

5. Fruits basket Season 2

Studios: TMS Entertainment

Furuba is back and it does not need any introduction! After the fresh start of a new look of Fruits basket, its back for season 2. People turning into the Chinese zodiac animals, dark and mysterious secrets surrounding them, cute, clueless main heroine- a treat for the eye!

In this season, we witness the painful backstories of the zodiac members and some big revelations that can break the impossible curse of people turning into cute animals. Though the romance factor is just warming up, the wholesomeness and the drama helps Fruits Basket earn a place in our romance 2020 list. Furuba fans grab a seat already!

4. Given



Given is an outstanding BL story. It roared of passionate love in 2019. Given is perhaps one of the most realistic romance anime series that explores the characters, their worries, their inner struggles in their daily lives; as the MCs Mafuyu and Ritsuka go on in their journey as fellow musicians.

Regarded as one of the top shounen-ai animes, the sequel to the 11 episode series came out this year. The film centers on the love relationship among the band’s bassist Haruki Nakayama, drummer Akihiko Kaji, and Akihiko’s roommate and ex-boyfriend Ugetsu Murata. A must watch if you are a sucker for BL or a, well, the Fujoshi type!

3. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!

Studios: feel.

The list for the best romance anime of 2020 won’t be complete without this emotional heavy hitter. Oregairu is an awe-inspiring experience that words could seldom describe accurately. Hachiman Hikigaya hates everything about everything. His social commentary on the requests of the Volunteer club as an antagonist is what made him different from all protagonists with a similar premise.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru: Kan revolves around the graduation prom, where emotions are poured into the preparations for the event. At the same time, a chance for the Volunteer Service Club members to better understand each other presents itself. And thus, Hachiman Hikigaya’s hectic and bittersweet high school life begins to draw to a close. Make sure to grab some tissues while you watch this!

2. Tonikaku Kawaii

Studios:Seven Arcs

To be frank, Tonikaku Kawaii is a surprise hit of the 2020 season, atleast for me. Helmed by the director of “Hayate the Combat Butler”, Tonikawa: Over the moon for you has brought forth a fresh look to Rom-coms by fast-forwarding the cliche holding hands and confessing tropes. The characters Nasa and Tsukasa directly skip to marrying rather than going the roundabout way to unfold the cute love story. Tonikawa is a fresh breath of air in an increasingly stagnant rom-com genre and is easily one of the best Romance anime of 2020.

The Opening song “Koi no Uta” will remain in your ears like a nice memory along with the beautiful character designs. A must watch of 2020.

1. Kaguya sama Season 2

Studios: A-1 Pictures

Well, there should be no doubt about this. Kaguya Sama Love is War is the best romance anime of 2020, whichever way you look at it! Confessing love to someone is one of the most intimidating challenges we face in our lives. Kaguya-sama: Love is War takes this relatable fear to the extreme. This isn’t your average rom-com, it’s a fight to the death between two stubborn geniuses, in a battle of who will confess first.

Kaguya sam is a Rom-com worthy of taking the top spot in any year. In this season too, Kaguya continues in her quest to make Miyuki Shirogane confess his love to her. The goal might be the same, but the approach has changed. Or rather, evolved. She’s a lot bolder in this season using tricks as well as other people, to be put Shirogane into difficult situations. And sometimes, this puts her in situations that she loves yet fears. Also, we saw some much-needed romance developing between the two characters in Season 2, which was a cherry on top of the already brilliant plot!

Let us know in the comments if we missed any of the top romantic animes of 2020. Hope you find a partner soon! Mata ne ^-^

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