Toho Partners With Jera To Achieve Zero Emissions In Film Production

"JERA Zero Emission 2050" project started in October 2020

Toho Co., Ltd. recently signed a memorandum of understanding on Dec 17, 2021, with JERA Co., Ltd., a global fuel and power generation company, in a joint effort to reduce CO2 emission in movie production and work towards decarbonization in the entertainment field.

In this memorandum, Toho and JERA will consider the possibility of collaboration on the following items:

・ Formulation of a roadmap for Toho’s zero emissions

・ Dissemination of zero-emission initiatives of both companies through entertainment

・ Securing zero-emission energy based on the roadmap

According to this memorandum, the two firms think that pursuing zero emissions in film production will have a synergistic effect on expanding the economic domain and fostering an understanding of zero emissions.

As a part of the “JERA Zero Emission 2050” project which started in October 2020, Toho has partnered to lead the decarbonization of the entertainment field, and strive to increase corporate value by working its way to a green company environment.

At this stage, however, there is no mention of how to achieve CO2 reduction.

JERA is a power generation company centered on clean energy established by Tokyo Electric Power Company and Chubu Electric Power Company in April 2015. With approximately 70 million kW of power generation assets in Japan, it is the largest power generation company in Japan responsible for supplying approximately 30% of the power, and also owns approximately 10 million kW of power generation assets overseas.

Source: JERA press release