Tite Kubo’s Burn The Witch Manga Will Have A Season 2

burn the witch by tite kubo

On Monday, it was revealed in the 41st issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine that Tite Kubo is drawing a season 2 of his new Burn the Witch manga. The sequel was listed as “coming soon” in the announcement. The draft pages for season 2 of the manga were too revealed by Shonen Jump.


It was also confirmed in the issue that the 260 page first compiled book volume will ship on 2nd October. The screenings for the theatrical anime also open on the same day in Japan. Original one-shot for the manga, an exclusive colour illustration and bundle and also a double-sided full-colour pinup poster will be bundled together in the volume.

The one-shot shares the same world as Kubo’s Bleach manga. The chapter focuses on Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole. Both of them are working at Wing Bird Headquarters as witches. This headquarters is in Reverse London’s Natural Dragon Management Agency. Supernatural creatures like Dragons are visible to people who live in Reverse London. Even though Noel and Ninny undergo for missions to exterminate evil creatures, they work to help promote the coexistence of humans and supernatural creatures together.

The original manga is based on the one-shot manga of the same name. The one-shot manga debuted in July 2018. The original manga is a four-chapter short serialization. The serialization debuted on August 24 and ended on Monday. The manga is being published in English by Viz Media.

The mid-length theatrical anime anime is being produced by Studio Colorido and team Yamahitsuji. The anime will have event screenings for two weeks. Amazon Prime Video and Hikari TV in Japan will also stream the anime. For streaming version, the anime will be re-organized into three episodes. The anime will be streamed in October in North, Central and South America and also in Europe, Oceania, Africa, CIS and the Middle East.

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