The Summer Hikaru Died Manga Gets Anime Adaptation


The rumours that have been making rounds on social media have finally been confirmed as the mangaka Mokumokuren announced on their official X account on May 24, 2024, that The Summer Hikaru Died is getting an anime adaptation.

Mokumokuren unveiled an illustration to commemorate the announcement.

The Summer Hikaru Died anime

As a part of the adaptation, an official X account and website were also launched.

Further details regarding the anime adaptation, such as format, staff, cast, and release date are yet to be revealed.

The Summer Hikaru Died began serialization on Kadokawa Shoten’s Young Ace Up website in August 2021.

Mokumokuren first conceived of the series while studying for exams and later began posting drawings on Twitter, which led to the Young Ace Up editorial department approaching Mokumokuren to serialize the manga via the Young Ace Up website.

As of December 2023, the series’ individual chapters have been collected into four tankōbon volumes.

MAL describes the plot of the manga as:

Best friends Yoshiki and Hikaru have been stuck together like glue for most of their lives. Living in a small village and being the only children their age, the two boys find solace in each other’s company. Their friendship seems picturesque at first glance, but Yoshiki has noticed a shift in Hikaru’s demeanor ever since one fateful summer.

The “Hikaru” that sits beside him now is nothing like his friend. Despite his physical appearance and memories remaining exactly the same, Yoshiki knows something is amiss and that the Hikaru he once knew is gone. When he brings this up, Hikaru partially transforms into an otherworldly being, threatening to kill Yoshiki if he cannot accept it—while also professing its love for him.

Wracked with grief and unable to let go of his best friend, Yoshiki struggles to move on with his life as he finds himself getting closer to the new Hikaru. At the same time, strange occurrences begin to plague their village, bringing unsettling chaos.

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