The Pikachu Jet Soars In Chinese Skies

The design will have 11 Pokemon's including the famous Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company recently made an announcement stating that the Chinese Jet from China Airlines to have Pokemon-themed design on it. The jet will be called ‘The Pikachu Jet’.

The jet will be operational mainly in Asian region. It will also fly from Tokyo to Taipei. The design will have 11 Pokemon’s including the famous Pikachu, Snorlax, Slowpoke etc. It will also have Pokeballs on the engines.

There are already 2 Pikachu Jets in operation in Japan. They are owned by Skymark Airlines and are named as “Pikachu Jet BC1” and “Pikachu Jet BC2”. These jets fly majorly to and fro in the Japanese tropical island, Okinawa. However, they seldom fly to other parts of the country.

The Chinese jet is officially named as “Pikachu Jet CI”.

While travelling in these planes you are welcomed with several Pokemon-themed inflight amenities and services. They also sell Pokemon merchandise.

Here’s an official video by Skymark Airlines displaying the custom designing of the jet:

The official site for Pikachu jets, Pokemon Air Adventures has announced that similar such jets are already in works for global markets.

Source: Siliconera, Pokemon Air official website.