The First Slam Dunk Becomes The Highest Earning Japanese Movie Of All Time In South Korea

The First Slam Dunk has surpassed Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Your Name‘ to become the highest grossing Japanese Film of all time in South Korea, as revealed by Korean box office tracker KOBIS on March 5, 2023.

Slam Dunk

According to them, The First Slam Dunk has sold about 3,818,000 tickets as of March 5, breaking records in just 61 days since its release in the country on Jan 4. This is more than the previously crowned 2017 movie, ‘Your Name,’ which had sold 3,802,000 tickets.

This has also led to the increase in the sales of the manga and other related merchandises of Slam Dunk throughout South Korea. The manga has sold over 1 million copies in South Korea in February 2023.

The First Slam Dunk movie released in Japan on Dec 3, 2022.

Cast members announced includes:

  • Shugo Nakamura as Ryota Miyagi (point guard)
  • Jun Kasama as Hisashi Mitsui (shooting guard)
  • Shinichiro Kamio as Kaede Rukawa (small forward)
  • Subaru Kimura as Hanamichi Sakuragi (power forward)
  • Kenta Miyake as Takenori Akagi (team captain and Center)

The opening theme song was performed by The Birthday, while 10-FEET performed the ending theme song “Zero Sensation”.

The First Slam Dunk movie is being directed and scripted by mangaka Takahiko Inoue himself at Toei Animation. A teaser trailer for the movie was revealed on July 7, 2022.

Among the listed staff members are character designer/animation director Yasuyuki Ebara (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) and technical directors Katsuhiko Kitada (Attack on Titan episodes, Major: Yūjō no Winning Shot), Naoki Miyahara (Digimon Adventure, Popin Q), Toshio Ōhashi (LayereD Stories 0), and Yū Kamatani (Looking for Magical DoReMi, Precure Super Stars!).

Daiki Nakazawa directed the CG, and Yuta Ogura produced the CG. Kazuo Ogura directed the art. Yota Tsuruoka was in charge of directing the sound with Koji Kasamatsu.

Additionally, details about two books that are related to the movie were also revealed.

The first book, titled SLAM DUNK JUMP, contains 24 select chapters of the 276 chapters from the manga, which form a basis for the movie’s plot. The book will be released on Nov 8, 2022.

The second book, titled THE FIRST SLAM DUNK re:SOURCE, is described as special book which contains and analyzes the very fundamentals of the movie. It also contains illustrations drawn by Inoue during the films’ production process and also a lengthy interview. The book will be released on Dec 15, 2022.

Inoue published his iconic sports manga in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1990 to 1996 for a total of 31 volumes. The manga inspired a television anime in 1993, and it received four anime film sequels.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily