Tanjiro’s Sword From Demon Slayer Gets Forged In Real-Life

The blacksmith Youtube channel “That Works” created a real-life version of Tanjirou’s sword. The video is sponsored by FUNIMATION studio and it depicts the minute details of the sword making process. It also depicts the cultural and historical background of Katana forging in Japan.

The entire process of making the sword took approximately six months. It was made by staying as true to the Japanese tradition as possible. The sword was forged using Tamahagane steel which is a type of steel found in Japan. 

If you are an adult you can purchase this real-life version of the Nichirin blade. It is sold by Tamashii Nations’ “Proplica”. They are at the helm of making anime blades and sell it to adult audiences, globally.

In the series, the Nichirin blade is a type of blade that can cut into a Demon’s skin and not regenerate. The reason behind it is revealed that the blade constantly absorbs sunlight. The blade also changes color depending on the owner’s skills. 

The reason why the color changes and the importance of color can be found in the manga. 

Nichirin Blades are forged with the fictional Scarlet Crimson Iron Sand and Scarlet Crimson Ore, both of which are found on Sunlight Mountain, which is perpetually basking in the sunlight.

Demon Slayer recruits choose their own ore after successfully passing the Final Selection exam.