Talentless Nana Episode 8: Nana Finally Gets Caught?

Nana finally gets caught?

The previous episode’s necromancer thrill feels nothing in front of this episode, trust me. Just when Nana has the slightest bit of advantage, our boy Kyoya manages to catch her. Talentless Nana Episode 8 follows Nana trying to go for a double kill while trying to dodge suspicion. Her targets are none other than the bully gals, Haru Kirara and Takanashi Kaori. (You can watch the latest episodes of Talentless Nana for free on Muse Asia Youtube channel!)

While Haru was a pretty easy kill, she had to set Takanashi in a way that the suspicion does not fall on her. While her set-up looked pretty good, she knew that there’s a chance that Kyoya would get hold of the situation. However, our immortal part-time Gintoki and part-time Sherlock Holmes managed to reduce her plan to shreds; he caught her at every little moment.

He already knew that our leader was behind the deaths of Shinji and Yuuka; so he started investigating her from the moment she entered the school grounds. Knowing this well, Nana tried to throw him off by acting like she wanted to tell him about Haru’s death.

While she did manage to set everything up properly, she made some fatal mistakes: Opening the window from the other side and playing out of character once in front of Kyoya to name the most significant ones.

yes wow

Kyoya, being suspicious and keen, caught on to the rest of those himself, through mere speculation; like her asserting him to check the bodies, Takanashi’s death, Haru’s text message, the poison in the make-up, etc.

While the series has its major flaws, I’ll let those slide because Talentless Nana is always thrilling. Our protagonist isn’t alive due to heavy plot armour and does the most humane mistakes. She gets overwhelmed and exhausted and messes up. Not only that, the other characters fit in the role pretty well in my opinion. While many think that they’re too stupid, it shows their arrogance and how a person becomes after being put on a pedestal.

However, it’s still kind of dubious for them to trust their leader so well and not suspect the person who’s always behind their trustworthy leader as well.

The last section where Kyoyo finally goes on complete offence in front of his peers gives me a bad feeling. It is highly likely that she already threw away Haru’s phone and our Sherlock will get bamboozled. On top of that, he’ll be framed; will the new glasses guy from the opening finally make his appearance? It seems like a good time to introduce him.

bruhhhn nana

Before I forget, I’d like to address some foreshadowing from the start of the episode. We see Nana question if she should have interrogated the corpses using the Necromancer but then runs away from the thought. I used “run away” because it is clear that deep inside, she knows that she is replaceable but doesn’t want to accept it. I am waiting for that moment when she comes in terms with her feelings and has to “choose” a side.

With this, let’s wait and watch what this series can offer, as we’re in the last quarter of the season. While I highly doubt it to be as good as classics like Death Note, Talentless Nana should definitely become a good watch from 2020.

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